‘General Hospital’ News: Emma Samms, Ex-Holly, Shocking Medical Diagnosis

Breaking General Hospital news is about GH alumnus Emma Samms, who played Holly Sutton. Gorgeous Brit Emma shared a strange image on Twitter this morning with the stunning announcement that she’s suffering from Bell’s Palsy. She’s wearing an eye patch in the pic and says she’s dribbling, can’t close her eye and her smile is “wonky.” In many cases, Bell’s Palsy is a temporary condition, but what caused it is more of a concern!

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According to Healthline, Bell’s Palsy causes temporary paralysis and weakness of face muscles. One side of your face can droopen, almost like after a stroke, with this condition. It can be caused by a virus or bacterial infection and some serious diseases. Emma Samms said it’s “not the end of the world” so whatever caused it must not be too serious. Samms joked that she was stying with her eyepatch!

It’s been a while since Emma Samms popped up on General Hospital – spoilers say it was during the period leading up to Anthony Geary’s exit as Luke Spencer when she and son Ethan Lovett had brief appearances in 2015. Despite the long gap since she was last seen, Emma Samms remains a fan favorite as many loved the triangle of Holly, Robert and Luke back in the day.

We wish Emma a speedy recovery from her Bell’s Palsy and give her a thumbs up for handling this medical crisis with dignity and humor. And she’s definitely rocking the eye patch!

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Francine Chalmers

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