‘General Hospital’ to Replace Cameron Once Again

General Hospital is changing things up once again and will replace Cameron Spencer. The actor was just replaced recently with an older one, but things are changing again. It was odd to have him so much younger than Joss seeing that he used to be the same age as her. Now, Soap Hub is sharing that another new actor is coming in. The viewers are going to have to get used to someone new once again.

Who will replace Cameron Spencer on General Hospital?

Cade McWatt has been the one playing the role recently. It even looks like Cameron Spencer will be a love interest for Joss and it is changing things up on General Hospital. Now, Will Lipton is taking over the role as of August 10. Cade only played the role for about a month before they decided to change it.

This isn’t crazy seeing that soap operas change up children actors on the show all the time. Now, General Hospital will have Will Lipton in the role of Cameron Spencer. You can check him out below.

The changing of Cameron’s age

Cameron and Joss were the same age at once, but then she grew and he stayed younger. This made things odd, but now they are back to normal with these two being the same age. Now, Cameron is going to fit right in with Joss and they are going to be seen together a lot. They need an actor who can play this role with heart.

They do this often with actors on the show, but no reason has been given yet of why they changed from Cade McWatt to Will Lipton for the role. Hopefully, Will fits in great with the cast of General Hospital and ends up sticking around for a while. Oscar may have a fight on his hands if he wants to keep Joss in his life. Oscar has been a great addition to the cast, but he has his relationship with Drew to explore other than just his relationship with Joss. It doesn’t look like Oscar is going anywhere.

There is also some talk about a possible Dante recast coming, but that hasn’t been revealed yet for sure. There is some talk that Owen Saxon could end up being the one who plays the role next. You know that General Hospital fans are going to have a hard time with anyone knew playing this role, but they also don’t want to let the character go. Time will only tell how they decide to do things with this one.

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