‘General Hospital’ LEAK: Who Dies in Floating Rib Explosion – Danny & Jason at Risk

General Hospital leaked info reveals who dies in the Floating Rib blast as many people are in harm’s way — including Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo). Surely, GH fans are eager to see who makes it out alive on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Rib Blows up – Jason Morgan & Danny Morgan in Danger

GH spoilers see the Floating Rib erupt in a fiery blaze. Meanwhile, Jason Morgan and son Danny Morgan are still inside. Soon, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) shows up, frantic asking for an update on Danny and Jason. Also, Sam feels someone’s not telling her everything. So, Danny and Jason could be in dire shape.

No doubt, it would be horrible if Danny died on General Hospital, especially because he survived cancer years ago. However, the sudser has done poignant kids deaths before. So, there’s a chance Danny may die. If he does, or even if he’s just badly hurt, Sam may pull back from Jason and blame him.

So, even if Jason and little Danny survive, it could be the beginning of the end for JaSam, tease GH spoilers. Our info from the General Hospital leaker says there will be two deaths from the explosion. But, it looks like Jason Morgan survives – along with Danny Morgan – but either may be injured.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) - Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo)

GH Spoilers: Lulu & Dustin Trapped

Coming up on General Hospital, Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) are badly hurt and unconscious. Soon, Dustin and Lulu are trapped in the rubble right after Dustin proposes marriage. Also, spoilers say Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) arrives soon.

Then, he and Dustin work toward the same goal. So, when help arrives, Dustin may wake up, but Lulu is in bad shape on General Hospital. We expect Dustin and Dante to try and save her. However, it may be too late as Lulu is done at GH. The leaker says she’s presumed dead – but soaps bring back the dead…

For now, “Lante” fans everywhere will be heartbroken because it looked like Lulu and Dante were close to a reunion. Things look bad for Lulu as she may be fighting for her life on General Hospital. In the end, Lulu’s one of the lives lost. In fact, actress Emme Rylan, already packed and left LA after her soap exit.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) - Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan)

Dev Fighting for His Life – General Hospital

Soon to come on General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) begs someone not to die. And there’s a good chance it’s Dev Cerci (Ashton Arbab). Poor Dev was the one to find the bomb and tell the bartender, but he was too late.  Now, he may struggle to survive serious injuries.

A recent leak from our General Hospital source reported that a young character dies soon. And there are three young people at the Rib. There’s Danny, Dev, and Cameron Webber (William Lipton). Our source says Cam’s injured. But it’s Dev’s life on the line on the ABC soap.

Plus, Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) were at the Rib as well. However, they’ll survive on General Hospital. Sadly, the kids may take the brunt of the fallout from the explosion, along with Lulu. And Julian Jerome (William deVry) may survive but go on the run.

Remember, he placed the bomb and his burner phone triggered the blast. The GH tragedy ahead is sure to keep you on pins and needles as Jason Morgan and his boy Danny Morgan end up in danger, along with several other fan-faves on the ABC drama. See who lives and dies in a very sad Thanksgiving week.

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