‘General Hospital’: Jason, Drew and Franco’s Twisted Family Ties

On General Hospital the recent reveal of Patient Six as Jason Morgan [Steve Burton] has churned up old feelings and reconsiderations of GH history. It took Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] a minute to decide that the mystery man with Jason’s face was the real deal. But once Sonny accepted that his best friend was back from the dead with his old face, that meant recognizing that the guy calling himself Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] is someone else entirely.

General Hospital Franco Baldwin holds the key

The only person in Port Charles that can explain the existence of two Jasons is Franco Baldwin [Roger Howarth]. Franco knows Jason had a twin named Drew Quartermaine. Just knowing that General Hospital factoid would go a long way towards sorting out the mystery. One man is obviously Jason Morgan and the other is his twin Drew. But which is which? Despite a faction of General Hospital fans that prefer Billy Miller as Jason Morgan, he won’t be the real deal. Miller is Drew Quartermaine.

General Hospital's Roger Howarth

How will the twin’s identities be sorted?

Basic DNA tests, like Carly ran on the spit in the water bottle, cannot sort out identical twins from each other. However, there are more in-depth DNA tests that could compare the samples, but that’s assuming you have a good sample of old Jason to compare it to. Perhaps Betsy Frank [Deborah Strang] has something of Drew Quartermaine’s to compare it to. She might have a baby tooth or a little hairbrush with some strands of baby Drew’s blond locks.

General Hospital: Will fingerprints help?

One theory is that fingerprints could help figure this out on General Hospital. Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] tampered with the electronic fingerprint records, as was shown back in 2014 when Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] tried to run Jake Doe’s prints. However, it’s unlikely that the Cassadine witch destroyed all of the old paper copies of Jason Morgan’s arrest records. Jason was arrested time and again in Port Charles, so his prints are floating around somewhere.

General Hospital's Steve Burton

Both Q twins hate Franco

It’s understandable, given General Hospital history, that Jason Morgan hates Franco. The real Jason, Steve Burton, knows from personal painful experience how twisted Franco used to be. On Sam and Jason’s honeymoon, psycho Franco tied up Jason near a video monitor where he could see Franco lie down in bed with a drugged Sam. Later, Jason killed Franco [then James Franco] but believed the rape led to the birth of Danny Morgan [TK Weaver]. It was all a trick to mess with Jason and Sam.

General Hospital: Franco and the Q twins are family

Even though the “rape” was a ruse and Franco later had a tumor removed and is a changed man, real Jason doesn’t know it and may be murderous when he sees the man isn’t dead. An interesting reality is about to set in when it comes to the Quartermaine twins and Franco. The former General Hospital serial killer is key to sorting out the two Jasons mystery and Drew Q [Miller] will be shocked to find out he grew up side by side with Franco. And don’t forget – they’re cousins.


The twins’ biological mother Susan Moore [Gail Ramsey] is a cousin of Franco’s biological mother Heather Webber [Robin Mattson]. That makes Franco and the Quartermaine twins family. That’s not a family tie that any of the three will enjoy, especially since Franco now believe he shoved little Drew down the stairs and almost killed him. This two Jasons story will unfold soon but the complicated ties will last forever.

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