‘General Hospital’: Countdown to Ryan Chamberlain Return – Nurse’s Ball Promo Tease [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers promise Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is back next week for the Nurse’s Ball. A new promo shows the exciting launch of the annual event that kicks off Friday, May 17. But wretched Ryan won’t be around until the event kicks into high gear.

Also, don’t expect to see the serial killer on the red carpet. He’ll be in the shadows just waiting to make trouble. The big question is will the body count in his reign of terror climb on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital: Wicked Ryan Chamberlain Back – The Trap is Set!

The latest GH spoilers have Ava Jerome (Maura West) ready to put on her best dress to fool Ryan into thinking she’s rebounding with his brother Kevin Collins. Of course, this shaky alliance could fall apart at any point. After Ava almost kissed Kevin last week, it’s clear that she is still in love with Kevin – which is very confusing for both of them.

To Ava, she thought she was in love with Kevin Collins for months. But he’s a stranger to Ava Jerome. So now, being so close and pretending to be involved is a struggle. But it’s necessary to lure Ryan Chamberlain back. Their plan works and the one-handed wacko is back to Port Charles and looking for vengeance. But soon, others know something’s up on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: When Is Ryan Chamberlain Back?

There’s a lot to the Nurse’s Ball, say General Hospital spoilers. Don’t expect anything but red carpet action on Friday and it to carry over to Monday, May 20. Then on Wednesday, May 22, confirmed spoilers say that Ava Jerome steps out of the ball. That’s the first sign that Ryan is around and she’s ready to punish him for killing her daughter.

Then, GH spoilers for Thursday, May 23 indicate that Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) gets wind that something is up. She confronts Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) and is not thrilled that amateur detectives are trying to entrap a serial killer. Of course, one of the schemers is the former police chief. Plus, Laura is the mayor, so…

Will The Scooby Gang Catch the Killer?

There’s a consortium of legacy characters involved in this plan to trap Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital. Laura Spencer is one of the ringleaders alongside her hubby Kevin. Then ex-PCPD boss Mac Scorpio (John J York) and his wife Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) are also neck deep in the scheme with Ava Jerome.

So, with this gang of co-conspirators, surely they can outsmart Ryan Chamberlain. GH spoilers remind the one thing working in their favor is that he’ll be jealous, unhinged, and hopefully sloppy as a result. One lingering question is whether Ryan knows they’re plotting against him. Because he’s been in Port Charles a while.

You might remember someone watching Ava Jerome when she left Charlie’s Pub on GH a couple of weeks ago. Now, it seems like Ryan chopped off his hand, then slunk back into town waiting for the opportunity to take his woman Ava. The selfies with his brother Kevin probably enraged him, though. Watch next week on the ABC soap to see whether Ryan Chamberlain turns out to be the bloody bell of the ball.

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