‘General Hospital’ Comings and Goings: Kim Delaney Cast as Chase’s Mom & Former Finn Fling?

General Hospital comings and goings confirm Kim Delaney joins the GH cast soon. Some sources suggest she may be Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) mom. But, she may also have a hidden past with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) on the ABC sudser. Is Finn a step-mother lover on GH?

Kim Delaney in Town as Chase’s Mom on General Hospital?

Soon on General Hospital, comings and goings bring powerhouse actress Kim Delaney to join the cast. But, her role is still hush-hush. Long-time soap fans may recall Kim played Jenny Gardner on the long-running sudser All My Children. So, she gets to reunite with former on-screen brother Michael E Knight who played Tad “the cad” Gardner on AMC. No doubt, that will be a treat for them both.

Kim also had a huge prime time career with long runs on Army Wives and NYPD Blue. While Kim’s General Hospital character is still a mystery, a source says she may play the mother of a front-burner character. So, there’s a good chance she could play Chase’s mom and she may come into town for the “Fanna” wedding.

Currently, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is pushing Hamilton Finn to invite his dad to the wedding. However, Finn is against it. Come to find out, it’s mostly because he doesn’t want to see his stepmother, recall General Hospital recaps. Could that be because there’s some sort of “tension” between Finn and the woman, wonder GH spoilers? Kim Delaney’s gorgeous, after all…

General Hospital: Kim Delaney - Michael E Knight


New Character May Have Ties to Finn on GH

It’s pretty clear on General Hospital that Finn has issues with his father’s wife. Remember, Finn claims the rift between him and his father is because his dad remarried so quickly after his mother’s death. However, there may be more to it. Perhaps, there is a huge twist coming and Kim’s new character has a deep backstory with Finn. That would be juicy material for Kim Delaney’s character on General Hospital.

So, we may find that Finn could’ve had a fling with his step-mama, played by Kim. No doubt, that would cause plenty of tension. And, it would explain why Finn wants nothing to do with her or his father. No doubt, it would be a major shock to Anna if it comes out that Finn got frisky with his father’s wifey. Of course, it was a long ago. But, it sure would explain a lot on General Hospital. That would be the perfect part for Kim Delaney.

General Hospital Comings And Goings: Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton)

Other Possibilities for Kim Delaney on General Hospital

Of course, there are a couple of other options for Kim. Soon, Kim might come on the canvas as Neil Byrne’s (Joe Flanigan) ex-wife. Recently, Neil died and a funeral may be held in his honor. So, his ex may come to Port Chuck to pay her respects. After all, they shared a child even though she passed away years ago. Another thought that has people buzzing is that Kim may be a Lois Cerullo recast.

Remember, Lois’ daughter Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Briana Lane) is still recovering from a neck slash. And, Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) said Lois would catch the next plane into town. So, Lois could arrive soon. And, it would make sense for Kim to play her character. Either way, it will be interesting to see Kim Delaney shake up GH no matter who she plays on ABC daytime.

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