‘Empire’: Jussie Smollett Interview Breakdown – Accusers Say Actor Staged Attack

On Empire, Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) became famous for belting out lyrics such as, “Tell The Truth.” However, Jussie is at the center of a controversy with fans begging Smollett to do just that. In the below full TV interview, Jussie told Robin Roberts of what he says was a racially-charged attack.

The Chicago police say they have new evidence after interviewing two Nigerian born brothers that are friends of Jussie Smollett. The brothers also work out at a gym owned by the Empire actor and one of the brothers on the Fox show in one of his scenes. The police investigated the brothers after they were discovered on video tape at the scene of the alleged attack.

After a lengthy interrogation the brothers were released after admitting they were the ones that purchased the rope Jussie claims was wrapped around his neck.

TMZ just released a story claiming a source inside the Chicago PD confirmed they believe the actors version of events is false.

In light of this new evidence, the Chicago police want to talk to Jussie Smollett and have contacted his lawyer. Jussie has since hired high priced Michael Monico, who represents Michael Cohen. So, The Empire star has hired Donald Trump’s lawyer’s lawyer.

Many on social media speculate that Jussie Smollett staged the attack because he was about to be fired from Fox’s Empire. However, it’s only speculation at this point. More will come out as the Chicago PD investigates further.

Jussie Smollett Not Fired From Empire Says Fox

The Empire actor plays a major character on the family and music-centric drama. But buzz surrounding the death of a major character has tongues wagging and Twitter fingers typing. However, Fox denies that Jussie Smollett has been fired from the show. Lately, folks combine words like “Nigerian, lawyer, lying, wife,” with Jussie’s name when searching for info.

Recently, Smollett both smiled and cried in a sit-down with Robin Roberts. Jussie gave the exclusive interview to ABC News. Yet rumors swirl that the attack may have been staged. Online buzz claims Jussie lost his Empire role. But that has been called false. Analysis of Jussie’s full interview involves viewers noticing small details Smollett provided. Plus, he broke eye contact. Also, Jussie’s acting skills are a hot topic as his full interview goes viral.

Jussie Talks Racial Slurs

Jussie Smollett said he tussled with his attackers by the stairs. The second person involved allegedly kicked him in his back. He saw where they ran. His manager was still on the phone with him. “Brandon, I was just jumped,” Jussie reportedly told his manager. Then he looked down and saw a rope around his neck. He noticed the rope around his neck and started screaming.

Smollett gave a bodily description of his attackers. “I can’t tell you what color their eyes were,” he said. “The second person I saw run away. I gave the description as best as I could. It’s Chicago in winter. People can wear ski masks and folks won’t question it.”

Smollett Cried During Interview

Empire actor Jussie Smollett broke down and cried during his interview talking about photos of his alleged attackers. “For me, when that [the photos] was released, I was like okay, we’re getting somewhere. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that’s them,” he said.

However, Jussie told Robin that pride got in the way of immediately calling the police. “There’s a level of pride there. As a gay man, there’s a level of pride there,” he said. Additionally, privacy was a top concern. “There’s also privacy,” he said, about hesitating on calling the police.

“I’m glad that Frank called the police. It took them about a half hour to come. I saw the bruise on my neck. I know the smell of bleach. My sweatshirt had bleach spots on it.”

Doubts Swirl About Race of Jussie’s Attackers

“When the police came, I kept the rope on,” the Empire actor said. “I asked them to turn their body cams off. I went down to where it happened and showed the police the camera but the camera was facing north, so they didn’t have footage of the attack.” Smollett got defensive about going to Subway at 2 am.

“Subway is open for 24 hours for a reason. If I had said it was a Muslim, or someone black, the doubters would have supported me a lot more. The fact that we have these fear-mongrels, it’s not okay. The next time you see someone report something and you ask them why they waited, just remember that mine was reported right away and look what happened.”

However, Smollett’s story is gaining doubts. According to the above TMZ report, Jussie told police his attackers were white. But the Nigerian brothers admitted that they purchased the rope at Ace Hardware.

Jussie Smollett’s phone records were requested later. Police originally asked for his phone but he delayed letting them check it for three or four hours. Jussie didn’t want to turn over his original songs, voice recordings, castmates phone numbers and family information. He also said he had private photos he didn’t want to go public.

Nigerian Men Arrested in Jussie Smollett’s Attack Worked on Empire

Jussie Smollett said his attackers called him a “f*$$@t” and the N-word. Smollett also said that he never reported they were wearing MAGA hats. “I come really really hard against 45,” Jussie said about President Donald Trump. “This MAGA country, n****” is what Jussie claimed his alleged attackers said to him.

Jussie told Robin Roberts that he gets threatened all the time as he is a public figure and very outspoken. As a result, he says he angers people. But there are many inconsistencies about what he told the police, what he said in the Robin Roberts interview, and the facts about the alleged attackers that were arrested. The latest accounts are that he may have been assaulted by co-workers.

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