‘Deadliest Catch’: Wild Bill Wichrowski Disses Women?

Deadliest Catch Captain “Wild Bill” Wichrowski posted a message that upset some fans. It was controversial because some followers thought it was sexist. What did he say that riled up fans?

Deadliest Catch: Wild Bill Wichrowski Compared Women to the Ocean

When you first scroll through Deadliest Catch Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski’s feed, you see a beautiful picture of the ocean. It’s taken during sunrise, where the whole sky is a combination of red, yellow, and orange, but still dark enough to create a unique contrast. The colors reflect on the ocean, creating a stunning scene.

Fans loved this photo. Until they read Wild Bill’s caption.

Deadliest Catch Captain Wild Bill compared women to the ocean. The ocean is often referred to as a woman, and the reason why is people throughout history and in all cultures see the ocean as a feminine force. Well, “Wild Bill” took that to a different level. He says the ocean is a thing of beauty but also a “roaring mess” that will scare the toughest men.

Deadliest Catch: Bill Wichrowski

Did He Go Too Far?

While we all enjoy a good joke, his tone upset some fans.

This isn’t the only time that Captain Wild Bill has made statements some fans found controversial. Bill is in his 60s and he said he used to use his older brother’s ID as a teen. This would have been in the early 1970s, but some fans were offended.

Deadliest Catch: Bill Wichrowski

Deadliest Catch: Wild Bill Wichrowski, Women, and Fishing

The fishing industry is definitely a boy’s club, but that is changing with the times. There are many female Deadliest Catch fans. Not only that, but Mandy Hansen is the Northwestern relief captain. She may take over when Sig Hansen retires, which could be soon due to his health problems.

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