‘Days of our Lives’ Twist: Jake Really Stefan – Gwen & Rolf Working Together on Twin Scheme?

Days of our Lives spoilers suggest one more twist for Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) and Stefan DiMera tied to recent reveals about Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien). She’s more than she appears and might have a hand in Stefan’s doppelganger being back in Salem. So, is there still a twin twist ahead and we’ll find out Jake’s really Stefan?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gwen Rizczech “Assigned” to Jake Lambert

Already, DOOL spoilers confirm that Gwen is not just some random babe who started dating Jake Lambert. In fact, she’s the one that drugged Abigail DiMera (Marci Miller). That’s why she begged Jake not to dump her and forgave him for sleeping with Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus).

Days of our Lives spoilers know Gwen must stay in the DiMera mansion so that she can complete her assignment. One part is drugging Abby. The other part is clearly to keep tabs on Jake. And remember, Gwen’s known him ever since he turned up 18 months ago. Strange, right?

That’s just after Stefan DiMera “died.” So, Days of our Lives spoilers hint that Jake Lambert could still be Stefan DiMera, and Gwen was assigned to watch over him and keep him in the dark about his identity. Then, once Gwen had Jake settled in Philly, she came to Salem for a new task.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gwen Rizczech (Emily O'Brien) - Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay)

DOOL Spoilers: Who Ordered the Bad Brit to Drug Abigail?

There’s no way that Gwen is just randomly Jake Lambert’s girlfriend and also drugging his sister-in-law. Someone assigned her to do it. And it seems Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay) is her likely contact. That also puts her in a position to help convince Jake that he’s not Stefan DiMera – for now.

Remember from Days of our Lives spoilers that Rolf finally handed over the “real” serum, and Jake took it, but no memories returned. That convinced everyone that he’s a secret twin and not Stefan. Then, Ivan Marais (Ivan G’Vera) confirmed that Vivian delivered twins on DOOL.

But, what if that serum wasn’t real because Gwen and Rolf wanted Stefan in the dark awhile longer, tease Days of our Lives spoilers? That second baby might have been a lie – or might have died and is just a cover story so that Jake Lambert won’t know yet that he’s Stefan DiMera.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) Stefan DiMera - Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel)

Jake Lambert is Stefan DiMera – Days of our Lives November Sweeps Reveal?

DOOL spoilers wonder if November sweeps will bring a shocking reveal that Jake is Stefan, but tucked away all this time for some reason. Gwen is clearly not who she says she is – and her father may be a legacy character (or villain) from Days of our Lives.

It’s no coincidence that she’s dating Jake while also doping Abby. And Gwen stepping into his life right as Stefan died confirms the odd timing. And it teases a twin twist ahead. Of course, leaving him as Jake Lambert cuts out all the icky deeds Stefan DiMera did with Abby and others.

But, Days of our Lives fans embraced bad-boy Stefan, despite his flaws. Now, we’ve got rough Jake who’s okay – but no Stefan. See if November sweeps brings the reveal that he’s truly Stefan. And Jake Lambert could be a fake personality created to place Stefan DiMera on hold. We’ll see soon enough.

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