‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Horton in Hospital Again – LEAKED Scenes Reveal Health Crisis

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Will Horton (Chandler Massey) could potentially land in the hospital. Scenes recently leaked from the DOOL set indicate he is in a hospital bed. But how does he end up there? Is it from an illness or possibly from some type of violent altercation? What health crisis lands him back in the Salem sick bed?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Horton In the Hospital

Days of Our Lives viewers began to buzz about Will Horton landing in the hospital again when actress Victoria Konefal (who plays Ciara Brady on the show) shared a video on her social media from the set. She was goofing around on set taking video of funny slippers on her feet – but there was a monitor in the background capturing scenes being shot

In the corner of the video, you can see on the monitor what looks like the young man as a patient at the Salem medical facility. We captured images from the video and they’re in a slideshow below for you to check out. As longtime fans know, monitors on set notoriously leaked spoilers and info about the show months ahead of the air date.

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DOOL Spoilers – Leaked Footage Hints at Health Problem

This time, the DOOL leak just happens to show Will Horton laid out in the hospital! But what could this mean for his future on Days of Our Lives? Luckily, the pics show a seemingly okay Will in a hospital gown. You can also see he’s got a visitor in the room.

A visitor (whose identity remains a mystery because of the video quality) even visits him and grabs him into a hug. But does this new development bode well for Will Horton in any way? And why is he in the hospital in the first place? Some suspect that might be Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) hugging her son.

Leo Stark To Blame?

Now that we’ve seen Will in the hospital, it’s time to speculate as to why this possibly could happen. It’s worth noting that this monitor leak happened quite recently, which would mean that Days of Our Lives fans won’t even see this storyline play out for about another six months. That means this is a Summer of 2019 storyline.

Therefore, the reason he lands in the hospital could not be related to any storyline we’re seeing on the screen right now. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t guess! Right now, the main storyline that involves Will Horton has everything to do with Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart).

Leo Still Around in Summer 2019?

The con man is back from the dead and blackmailing Will’s one true love Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) into marrying him. And thus far, Leo’s blackmail has been working. Will Horton, obviously, is heartbroken over these events. This week, Leo becomes Mr. Kiriakis when they wed.

Just when Will and Sonny finally had the chance to be together after all the odds went against them, Leo showed up, alive and with a vengeance. So, could Leo somehow be involved with Will’s latest trip to the hospital? Or does his medical situation have nothing to do with Leo?

Trouble Ahead for WilSon?

WilSon fans have been waiting a while for their favorite couple to get back together on Days of Our Lives. However, the couple has had to deal with a lot, both together and individually. For one, Will Horton was found alive, yet without his memories. Therefore, he didn’t remember Sonny or the love they both shared for one another.

Then, he fell in love with Paul Narita (Christopher Sean), much to Sonny’s heartbreak. But finally, he got his memories back and became single when Paul left town. Unfortunately, Leo swooped in to ruin any potential romance between the duo.

Leaked Footage Offers Clues to Future Storylines

Now that these Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Will Horton ends up in the hospital, it’s worth asking what this means for WilSon. Sonny isn’t sen visiting him in the leaked footage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything because the leaked footage was so brief.

So, will WilSon survive the blackmail? If they do, will they survive Will Horton ending up in the hospital?Because this leak depicts storylines that fans won’t see for about six months, it looks like only time will tell why Will Horton is hospitalized yet again.

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