‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Who Drugged Abigail on ‘DOOL’?

Days of our Lives spoilers promise Abigail Deveraux DiMera‘s (Kate Mansi) in bad shape right now as someone drugged her, and she went off the rails. Unfortunately, when Abigail goes nuts, people assume it’s her mental illness coming back. But, this time, that’s not the case. So, who drugged Abigail DiMera? Take a look at the action ahead on the NBC sudser.

#1 Is Gabi Hernandez Lying – Did She Dose Abigail DiMera’s Champagne on Days of our Lives?

Spoilers know Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) insists she didn’t do anything to Abigail DiMera, despite her recent fury at “Chabby.” So, is Gabi lying and did the deed? Now, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) insists that Gabi’s the guilty party.

However, Abigail DiMera’s not so sure, hint Days of our Lives spoilers. Unfortunately, she and Chad argued, and that sparked more hallucinations. By now, the toxin should be leaching out of her system, but the visions keep plaguing Abigail DiMera on DOOL. Watch soon to see more on whether Gabi did this deed.

#2 Did Dr. Wilhelm Rolf Do the Dosing Deed on DOOL?

Another possible perpetrator on Days of our Lives is Dr. Wilhelm Rolf (William Utay). Anytime someone messed with someone else’s mind, you have to consider that Dr. Rolf might be involved. No doubt, if he thinks Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) would want it, he’ll do it.

Right now, we’ve not seen Dr. Rolf in awhile, recall Days of our Lives spoilers. But, that doesn’t mean he’s not lurking in the shadows, doing DiMera dirty work. And The Phoenix wasn’t exactly a fan of his daughter-in-law. So, let’s not discount the family’s mad scientist. He’s a solid candidate.

#3 Stevano is Gone But Might Have Set It Up – Days of Our Lives Spoilers

On DOOL, Stevano (Stephen Nichols) is dead and gone with the microchip out of Patch’s head. But, that doesn’t mean plans aren’t still unfolding that Faux Stefano set up before he was defeated. Remember, Abigail DiMera was a big problem for him.

With Abigail always in Chad’s ear on Days of our Lives, he wasn’t doing what his fake-dad said. So, maybe Stevano set up something to drive her over the edge and back to the sanitarium. That way, not-Stefano could get her out of the way without killing her on DOOL. Still, it’s probably not Stefano 2.0 that did this.

Days of our Lives: Abigail DiMera (Kate Mansi) - Stevano (Stephen Nichols)

#4 Stefan DiMera’s Not Dead – Is He Messing With Abigail?

Not-so-dead Stefan DiMera, AKA Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash), just popped up in Salem on Days of our Lives. And he rolled into town about the time Abigail DiMera went off the rails after the drugging. So, is this Jake’s plan to throw off Chad and Abby, and get them out of his way?

Days of our Lives recaps recall that Jake’s acting like he doesn’t know anything about DiMera Enterprises or the family. But, this could all be part of a Stefan scam to get back what he lost. So, maybe the undercover grease monkey’s spending some time messing with Abigail. That could be a viable option.

#5 Vivian Alamain Back Soon – Is She the Culprit on Days of our Lives?

Another possible culprit for dosing Abigail DiMera – is Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel). She’s back to DOOL soon and might want “Chabby” out of the way. Making Abigail nuts again would distract Chad so Vivian can make a big move. She’d want to restore Stefan to his place of honor.

So, Vivian targeting Abigail Deveraux makes sense. Wait to see when Vivian strolls back to town on Days of our Lives. Spoilers predict she’ll want her beloved undead son to get back the fortune and family business. If Vivian’s the poisoner, that makes sense.

In the end, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Abigail DiMera but watch carefully because the drama’s not done on the NBC soap. Whoever messed with Abigail DiMera isn’t done yet (and spoiler alert – it was Gabi that’s the guilty party).

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