‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Stefan DiMera and Ben Weston Get Into a Physical Fight?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher) get into a fight. This physical fight between the two men is just the latest altercation that the two troublesome Salem residents find themselves in.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben Weston and Stefan DiMera Fight?

On Days of Our Lives, Ben and Stefan will get into a physical altercation that results in Ben basically manhandling the DiMera brother. The spoiler photo, featured below, shows Weston with his arm wrapped around Stefan’s neck. Considering Ben Weston was a serial killer in the past (nicknamed the “Necktie Killer”), things don’t look good for Stefan.

Why in the world do Stefan and Ben get into this knock down fight? There are many theories, and it really could be because of anything. This is Salem, after all. Drama is everywhere in that town.

However, the most relevant theory has everything to do with Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller), the former girlfriend of Ben on DOOL. Ben teams up with Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and helps him abduct Abigail and get her away from Stefan. Could this be how Ben contributes to the plan?

DOOL Spoilers: Ben Helps Chad DiMera

As previous Days of Our Lives spoilers have revealed, Ben Weston helps Chad kidnap Abigail. It comes as a surprise that Weston does help Chad with his quest, and the two make odd partners in crime. After all, it was Ben who kidnapped Abigail last time she was pregnant and almost killed her and Chad in the process.

Is this the reason why these two get into an argument? Chad recruits Ben to help him in some way. It’s very possible that Ben is asked to keep Stefan away from the DiMera mansion while Chad kidnaps Abigail and takes her away to the Horton cabin. One way to keep Stefan away from his house is by getting into a physical fight, after all.

Ben could also keep Stefan from even realizing that Abigail is gone. Not long after her kidnapping, Abby goes into labor and delivers a healthy baby girl, thanks to Chad’s help. However, it’s hard to not forget Abigail’s first birth on DOOL, where he almost killed both her and Chad. Maybe this is one way he’s gaining Chad’s forgiveness!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: A Reformed Ben

As Days of Our Lives fans know, Ben is now a reformed man. Yes, he was a serial killer, but he was mentally unstable at that time and is now on medication. When he first came back to Salem on DOOL, he went on a mission to apologize for all the hurt he has caused. He attempted to show that he wasn’t the killer everyone knew him to be, though few believed him.

Chad and Ben don’t exactly have a great relationship, so it’s surprising to see the two work together to help Abigail. However, Ben has moved on from Abby, finally. Now, he has feelings for Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal), one of the only Salem residents who believes he is actually sane.

However, Chad may be able to forgive, slightly, if Ben Weston helps out with his plan. This could lead to Weston getting physical with Stefan. Abigail forgiving him is a whole different story. After all, she hallucinated the man and even tried to kill him once for all his past actions against her. Chad might be able to work with him, but Abby probably isn’t yet ready!

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