‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Sarah Makes A Slip Of The Tongue – Admits Love for Eric?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) puts her foot in her mouth and says something she can not take back. Although Sarah is married to Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) she’s in love with his brother Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan). So, it’s quite a messy love triangle. To make matters worse the newlyweds are living with Eric. So, there’s no escaping the tension and awkwardness.

Eric made the mistake of falling for another brother’ woman before. So, he’s determined not to repeat history with Rex. However, it’s not Eric that jeopardizes his brother’s happiness. Sarah Horton makes a monumental slip of the tongue that puts her marriage on track for divorce this week on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sarah Horton Loves Eric Brady

DOOL spoilers say Sarah Horton is in love with Eric Brady but married to his younger brother Rex. You can say Rex is her consolation prize. After Sarah broke her engagement to Rex after learning of his serial cheating, she and Eric developed a deep friendship with romantic undertones. However once Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) returned from the not so dead, Sarah backed off. But “Nicole” is really Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk). So she set out to end things with Eric.

Days of Our Lives spoilers remind Rex relentlessly pursued Sarah Horton and begged her to accept his marriage proposal. Sarah gave in. She does love Rex but she’s no longer in love with him. So, if you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with. Sarah’s marriage doesn’t stop her from thinking about Eric. She cannot turn off her feelings for him. Sarah and Eric have shared a few kisses along the way and still gaze at each other with puppy dog eyes. Eventually, something is going to give—and once again Eric will cause a brother to have a broken heart.

Sarah Horton Blurts Out Secret: DOOL Spoilers

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Sarah Horton accidentally lets her true feelings for Eric Brady slip to her husband. It’s a very awkward moment for the couple. Certainly, Rex had to pick up on the strange vibe between his brother and his wife. Perhaps he didn’t think much of it. However, now it’s on the table. Sarah fails to think before speaking and makes a huge misstep. This is likely a turning point in their marriage.

Sarah Horton unintentional lets her feelings for Eric slip tease Days of Our Lives spoilers. Perhaps Eric’s name falls from her mouth when attempting to declare her love to Rex. Or even more, embarrassing maybe Sarah blurts out Eric’s name in a moment of passion with her husband. Either scenario is enough to set off Rex. Certainly, this new marriage is about to implode.

Days of Our Lives: Rex Brady Leaves Salem

DOOL spoilers confirm Kyle Lowder, who portrays Rex Brady, last air date is August 9. Rex Brady exits Salem as well. So Sarah’s blunder of words sets the stage for Rex’s exit. Things between Sarah and Rex will wrap fast. Certainly, Rex feels Salem is not big enough of a town for them both. Plus, it will be hard to work together at the hospital.

Rex probably heads to Chicago to spend time with his daughter Emily Brady (Katie and Natalie Monarch) and her momma Mimi Lockhart (Farah Fath). It would be the best place for Rex to rebuild his life. A fresh start in Chicago with his daughter. Arguable Mimi is the love of Rex’s life. Much like Nicole is Eric’s. Rex and Mimi have a long history. So now as he and Sarah end their marriage, Rex’s future certainly looks promising with the ladies he loves in Chicago. Watch DOOL this week to see how Sarah Horton sets the stage for her marriage’s implosion.

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