‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Lani’s Nunsense Shocks Eli

Days of Our Lives spoilers bring Lani Price (Sal Stowers) face to face with Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) in Rome next week. Will they finally hash out what happened at their ill-fated wedding over a year ago? Check out the latest DOOL spoilers on this strange NBC daytime plot twist.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sister Lani Price Wants Gabi to Roast in H*ll

DOOL spoilers had Lani Price coming clean to Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) this week. She told her fellow nun-in training all about Gabi Hernandez’s (Camila Banus) wicked plot. Naturally, Kristen was stunned to learn Gabi held Julie Williams’ (Susan Seaforth Hayes) life in her hands to ruin the nuptials.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say it was Lani Price’s wedding versus Julie’s life. Meanwhile, Eli Grant remains in the dark – and in Gabi’s bed. While he’s canoodling in Salem, Lani Price ponders wedding herself permanently to the church as a nun. But she’ll soon get a chance to make things right.

And while Lani was unraveling her sad tale for Kristen, Eli was getting jiggy with her mortal enemy Gabi. Clearly, this situation must be resolved. It’s not likely that her wish for Gabi to rot in h*ll will come true. But things change for Lani Price, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers, in a most surprising way.

DOOL Spoilers: Gabi Puts Eli Grant on a Plane to Rome

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Kristen and Lani Price prepare to take their solemn vows at the convent. But first, she calls her dad and tells him about to her new life choice. While Abe Carver (James Reynolds) gets the call from his daughter, there’s trouble across town in Salem.

Because, Gabi and Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) battle for control of DiMera Enterprises. And Gabi finds out there’s info she needs in Italy to take him down. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers say she sends Eli Grant to do her dirty work. And that errand sends him to Rome. Of course, that’s where Lani Price lives now.

Naturally, Eli Grant is focused on the DiMera drama as he goes to Europe. And, of course, he has no idea that’s where Lani ran off to after their explosive non-wedding ruined her life. So, Days of Our Lives spoilers promise that Eli Grant and Lani Price are on a collision course.

Days of Our Lives: Lani Price Stunned to See Eli Grant in Italy

DOOL spoilers tell us Eli Grant runs into Lani Price while he’s in Rome. Of course, that’s the last person each expects to see so far from Salem. Yet, that’s exactly where Lani and her ex-fiance finds himself. And, boy does his jaw drop when Eli Grant sees his almost-wife rocking a nun’s habit.

Days of Our Lives spoilers predict that the last thing Eli Grant expected to see on his travels was Lani Price done up as a nun. So, she’ll have some explaining to do about where her life took her since Lani dumped him at the altar. But the big question is whether or not Lani will reveal the truth to him.

Certainly, Eli Grant deserves to know that Gabi held Julie’s heart hostage on Days of Our Lives. Gabi forcing Lani to walk out on him is huge. Certainly, Eli deserves to know what happened and why Lani broke his heart and Gabi orchestrated it. Plus, he needs to tell Lani that he’s back with Gabi now.

On the plus side, since Eli’s now the DiMera security advisor, surely he can shut down the evil app that Gabi’s using against his grandmother. So, watch the NBC soap to see whather Lani Price spills the big secret to Eli Grant at last on DOOL.

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