‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Julie Falls Down Stairs After Gabi Fight

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) pushes Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) down the stairs after a confrontation. She ends up worse for wear, though Gabi won’t sleep until she’s sure the woman won’t be able to reveal what she discovered. Just how far will Gabi go to make sure she doesn’t talk?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Julie Williams Discovers Truth

Julie gets too close to the truth for Gabi’s liking show Days of Our Lives spoilers. After teaming up with Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi) to bring down the scheming gaslighter, Julie heads straight to Gabi’s bedroom for any damning evidence she can find. And boy does her plan work.

Days of Our Lives spoilers show she very quickly discovers the real paternity test results that Gabi has been hiding. Everyone believes that Stefan is Charlotte’s father, though her father is actually Chad. Gabi Hernandez switched the real test results with fake ones in order to continue her revenge plan against Abigail and Stefan.

However, Julie finds these results – just as Gabi finds her. In the midst of confronting her, Julie also makes sure to slap her across the face, something we’re sure she wanted to do for a while. Now, with this evidence, Julie Williams can inform Abigail just how the schemer ruined her life.

DOOL Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez Pushes Julie Down the Stairs

Sadly, Julie doesn’t get far and doesn’t get to tell Abigail the truth about her baby’s real father. As Days of Our Lives viewers know, Ms Hernandez isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if that means she will get what she wants. Amid a fight over these results, she ends up tumbling down the stairs.

Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) and Lani Price (Sal Stowers) come to investigate the fall. The scheming shover makes sure to look as innocent as possible, though she’s worried that all her secrets will begin to unravel and become public knowledge.

Julie William ends up in the hospital, but that’s not good enough for Gabi Hernandez . She doesn’t want her to wake up and begin to talk about both the paternity results and her fall down the stairs. So, just how far will she go to make sure the injured woman never spills?

Julie’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

Things don’t look too good for Julie on Days of Our Lives. She may end up in a coma from the traumatic fall, worrying all of her family and loved ones. Luckily, they all gather around her in the hospital, lending their support in such a trying time.

Gabi, for her part, continues to worry about Julie Williams revealing what she knows. So, in order to keep her quiet, Gabi plans to silence her once and for all. Could this mean that she kills Julie to keep all her secrets?

Meanwhile, Abigail now knows just how far Gabi will go in her plan to ruin her life. She suspected Gabi Hernandez for a while now, so at least she may know that Julie’s fall isn’t just an accident. But will Abigail be able to help her recover her health before her nemesis swoops in to silence her for good?

What will Abigail do now that the only person willing to help her is in the hospital, potentially with a grim fate? Could someone like Julie’s grandson Eli realize that his grandmother didn’t just fall down the stairs? Will Gabi be found out or will she get away with this too?

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