‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton Happy Reunion or Bust?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) is alive and returns to Salem just in time for 2019 on New Years. Is Jack the same old Jack that fans know and love, or is there more to his return than meets the eye? Does this mean that super couple Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) and Jack will finally be able to reunite?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jack Deveraux Is Alive

Jack Deveraux is alive and well – and returning to Salem! A fan favorite for years, fans are more than a little excited to see Mr. Jack Deveraux return to Days of Our Lives. It’s been far too long since the Deveraux favorite has been on fans’ television screens.

The last anyone saw of Jack was during the underground explosions that rocked Salem in 2012. Jack sacrificed himself in order to save his daughter Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller). Jack died after finding himself trapped in an elevator that fell during the explosions.

Days of Our Lives, since 2012, has only shown Jack in dreams, hallucinations, or memories that his family members experienced.

DOOL fans last saw him in memories that his son JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) remembered when he wrote his suicide letters. Now that he’s actually alive, what will his family’s reactions be?

DOOL Spoilers: Jack Returns With Eve Donovan

Fans have known for a while that Jack was set to return to Salem, though no one knew how this would play out. During Nicole Walker’s (Arianne Zucker) search around Xander Kiriakis’s (Paul Telfer) warehouse, she found many doors with initials on them. This became the possible first clue of how Jack would return to the land of the living.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have also recently revealed that Jack would return to DOOL with none other than Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva). Obviously, this is not good news for Jennifer. Jen and Eve are absolute enemies, and Eve left town recently vowing revenge on Jennifer Horton sooner or later.

Now, it looks like Eve may just be getting her revenge. There’s no good reason why she would return with Jack, other than to hurt Jen. But Jack and Jen are one of Salem’s best super couples. Will they be able to reconnect and survive Jack’s resurrection? And just where has Jack been all these years? Did he really die and get resurrected, or has he been alive all these years after all?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Do Jack & Jennifer Horton Have a Future?

Days of Our Lives fans got the first look of Jack Deveraux’s return from the DOOL NBC end of the year promo video that was released. It looks like Jack returns at the end of this year, just in time for the new year, walking into a party and surprising everyone. When everyone thinks that you’re dead, this is pretty easy to do.

However, it’s hard to not notice that Jack and Jen aren’t revealed to have the loving reunion that many fans expected. We don’t see the two embracing and making up for lost time. Obviously, a shocked Jennifer Horton tries to process the news, which could be why we don’t see much.

Plus, there’s only a few seconds worth of Jack in the promo, so this reunion could very well just not be shown. But that begs the question: are Jennifer and Jack going to reunite and continue their relationship? Is the couple doomed? Jack returning with Eve Donovan doesn’t seem great for their relationship, at all.

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