‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Brady Denies Framing Ben Weston

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) is adamant that she didn’t frame Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson). Previously on DOOL, the suggestion that Hope planted evidence to set him up was voiced by both Ben and even Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). She has been attempting to find evidence to put Ben back behind bars for a while. Many think that the evidence she all of a sudden found is very suspicious.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Brady Says She Didn’t Frame Ben Weston

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Hope insists that she didn’t do anything dirty to get Ben Weston back behind bars. The accusation that she planted some evidence cast suspicion on Ben isn’t new. Even Rafe questioned her motives. However, it seems that she is adamant that she be believed.

Previously, we saw Hope Brady arrest Ben Weston. She claimed that she went back to the cabin where her daughter Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) almost died and found some new evidence. When she ran for prints, Ben’s own prints popped up. This became enough to arrest him.

However, the audience never actually saw Hope finding this evidence. This alone makes the story questionable. Did she really find evidence that could convict Ben Weston? Or did she plant it so that he would stay away from her daughter?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Hope Brady Telling the Truth?

Now, this new information could be taken in many different ways. First, there’s the possibility that Hope is lying. It’s been common knowledge that she’s been out to get him. Especially because he has a friendship with her daughter, Ciara. Ben and Ciara now live with each other, as well, which complicates things.

Hope hasn’t liked her daughter and Ben becoming friends. This reason alone could be enough for her to plant the evidence needed to frame him. Plus, this plan could also drive a wedge between Ciara and Ben that could potentially last. She might’ve wanted Ciara to completely break off ties with him when she learned that he was the one who tried to kill her.

However, possibility number two is also viable. Maybe Hope actually did find the evidence, but someone else planted it there. A lot of fans think that maybe Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) planted the fake evidence himself or helped her in the process. Tripp could have done this to keep Ciara away from Ben. Or, lastly, Hope could have found accurate evidence that he did try to kill Ciara.

Will Hope Brady Be Believed?

Rafe, the closest person to Brady at the moment, doesn’t even know if he believes that she went about this whole situation completely above board. After all, this isn’t the first time she has done something illegal.

It isn’t yet known if she knowingly planted evidence in order to set him up or if she just found tainted evidence that someone else planted. However, she isn’t looking too good at the moment. She’s been rash as she tried to find something to pin on him, so this new evidence seems too good to be true.

Hope also has the struggle of trying to get Ciara to see her side. Ciara at first wanted to believe Ben, but she will struggle with trying to figure out who to believe. If Hope is found to be guilty of planting evidence and trying to frame him, her daughter is definitely not going to be happy.


Hope definitely has a long way ahead of her. Is she telling the truth? Or is she lying to everyone else and just wants Ben behind bars? Make sure you continue to come on back to Soap Dirt to get all the newest Days of Our Lives spoilers.