‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Gabi Snatches Jake – Declaws Cougar Kate

Days of our Lives spoilers confirm Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) steals Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) out from under Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). Last week, she got a glimpse of them in the sack. Then, she makes a huge move to take Jake from the other woman on the NBC soap opera.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Jake Lambert Wants to go Steady with Kate Roberts

DOOL spoilers tell us that Jake Lambert’s tired of creeping around with Kate Roberts on the sly. Despite her concerns about Chad DiMera’s (Billy Flynn) anger, Jake wants to go public. And even when Gabi Hernandez interrupts them, Jake doesn’t want to let his new lady go, it seems.

Days of our Lives fans saw Jake Lambert reject Gabi and choose Kate Roberts. He wants them to be a real couple — or at least that’s what he says. Clearly, he and Kate have a passionate connection, but there’s more beneath his words. Is this about Gabi Hernandez hurting Jake?

Of course, Jake’s declaration of feelings for her stunned Kate on Days of our Lives. Spoilers say Gabi goes away hurt and confused, but she won’t be gone too long. Kate Roberts should enjoy her time with Jake Lambert because it won’t last. Gabi Hernandez doesn’t give up that easily.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow)- Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash)

DOOL Spoilers: Mechanic Confused – He Still Cares about Gabi Hernandez

Things will soon shift for these three, per Days of our Lives spoilers. First, now that Jake Lambert knows Gabi’s back in town, those old feelings bubble up inside. He thought Gabi Hernandez was gone for good, so he opened his heart to Kate Roberts. Second, there’s Kate herself as an issue.

On Days of our Lives, Kate Roberts insists she doesn’t want Chad to know about them. She and Jake swore Gabi to secrecy on that point. But Jake Lambert doesn’t want to be her secret lover. He wants to be her boyfriend and stop sneaking around and hiding their romance.

For now, Gabi Hernandez says she’s leaving Salem again on Days of our Lives. She says she’ll go be with “WilSon” and Ari in Arizona now that the danger’s gone. But don’t count out Gabi just yet. She wants Jake Lambert — and won’t leave him in Kate Roberts’ clutches for long on DOOL.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) - Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) - Jake Lambert

Gabi Gets Jake – Kate Left Alone on Days of our Lives

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal it’s Gabi Hernandez that winds up with Jake Lambert. That means Kate Roberts loses him. Now, Jake seems like a pretty loyal guy. And he doesn’t seem like a heartbreaker, so he might stay loyal to Kate. But since Kate won’t go public, that hurts him.

Between Kate keeping their relationship secret and Gabi returning to fight for him, he can’t hold out, predict Days of our Lives spoilers. In promo photos leaked by Camila Banus, it’s clear that Gabi reunites with Jake, and they’re a duo again (see pics above). So, Kate’s just a speed bump on the NBC sudser.

Watch to see when Gabi Hernandez makes her move, in Days of our Lives spoilers, and takes back her guy. She slammed “great grandma Kate,” and there’s more of that ahead. But the bottom line is that Jake and Gabi are drawn like moths to a flame. It won’t be long before they’re together.

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