‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Eve Gives Jack Fake Serum – Love or Betrayal?

Day of Our Lives spoilers reveal Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) is not the supportive wife Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) thinks she is. In fact, she is anything but a loyal devoted wife. So, when Jack tells her he’s ready to take the plunge and regain his memories, she fakes her approval. No doubt the new Mrs Deveraux is scared that she’ll lose Jack once he regains his past.

But, she seemingly goes along with his plans to take Dr Wilhelm Rolf’s (William Utay) restorative serum. However, Eve Donovan has her own agenda. Then, she agrees to administer the shot to her husband but it isn’t the miracle serum, it’s a placebo. The Deveraux marriage is about to unravel this week on the NBC soap. Does she give him the fake serum out of concern – or to keep her agenda going?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jack Deveraux Wants His Memories Back

DOOL spoilers confirm Jack Deveraux’s finally ready to unlock his brain and discover his past. No one from his former life likes amnesiac Jack. Truthfully, they’d rather he stayed dead than be the awful person he is now. Old Jack was a loveable goof. This Jack is selfish and mean. Although Jack professes to new wife Eve Donovan he’s never been happier, she knows their future is on thin ice once he gets his memories back.

Jack may think he loves Eve now, but there’s no comparison to the great love he shared with ex-wife Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves). Eve Donovan was at first taken aback when Jack told her he wanted his memories restored. However, she finally gave in. She figured out a way to support his decision that will almost guarantee she won’t lose him in the process.

Eve and Jennifer have fought since high school over the same men. This time, Eve came out on top. So, she will resort to desperate measures not to lose again to her arch-rival, according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

DOOL Spoilers: Eve Donovan Betrays Jack Deveraux

Days of Our lives spoilers say Jack Deveraux thinks he’s getting injected with Dr Rolf’s miracle serum, but his wife has something else planned. Jack’s decision to move forward wasn’t an easy one. He went to great lengths to acquire the diary from his nephew Will Horton (Chandler Massey). That included cutting a deal to drop charges against his son JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss). He’s very aware of the potential side effects. But the diary in his possession also holds an antidote. Really, he has nothing to lose and all his memories to gain.

Eve Donovan has fallen in love with her husband. What started off as merely a revenge scheme against Jennifer turned into love. So, now she won and Jennifer’s broken-hearted, there’s no way she is going to let memories take away her man. So, she swaps the serum with a fake. Jack will just think the drug failed. The truth is his wife betrayed him. And for the record, Jack Deveraux has a mean steak. Eve won’t get away with her betrayal for long on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Evil Eve Donovan About To Lose It All

Eve Donovan’s life is about to implode on DOOL. Once her husband learns of her betrayal, and he will, there will be hell to pay. Their marriage was built on lies and manipulations. Jack was her pawn in a very dangerous game. No doubt, Jack’s not going to just sweep these latest lies under the rug.

Eve stands to lose everything she values. She likely will find herself without a man, a job and possibly her freedom. The walls are closing in on the disgraced Commissioner. Watch DOOL this week to watch Eve’s house of cards tumble.

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