‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Evan Killed Baby Mama Jordan & Set Ben Up?

Days of Our Lives spoilers wonder if Evan Frears (Brock Kelly) killed Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause). Because, we find out soon that Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and his prison story is not as expected. So, that means there’s another culprit and that setup. And it could be Evan. Check out coming DOOL spoilers for the NBC soap. Then again, Jordan may be alive in a twist…

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Evan Frears Angry at Jordan Ridgeway?

It won’t be long, say DOOL spoilers, before it’s confirmed that Evan Frears is Jordan Ridgeway baby daddy. However, we know from past episodes that Jordan didn’t want to talk about Evan. And, she stashed little David with a friend in California, recall Days of Our Lives spoilers.

So, it seems that Jordan Ridgeway was hiding their baby from Evan Frears. But why? Of course, he could be a bad guy and that’s why. However, everyone knows that Jordan’s not sane. And, she might have just had some sort of crazy bout and ran off, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The big question is did Jordan Ridgeway run away before or after Evan Frears knew she was pregnant. And, were they a one-night stand friends, lovers, or what? All this spells out soon, promise Days of Our Lives spoilers. But, it seems Jordan angered Evan when she took their baby and ran.

DOOL Spoilers: Jordan’s Murder – Accident or Fit of Rage

In fact, Days of Our Lives spoilers consider whether setting up Ben was simply a matter of chance. Because, if Jordan Ridgeway argued with Evan Frear’s over their son, things might have gone bad fast. This might not have been a pre-meditated crime but something In the heat of the moment.

So, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that it might not have been a clever setup but just strangely fortunate circumstances for Evan Frears. Because, if Jordan Ridgeway was found choked to death anywhere, given Ben’s serial killer history, suspicion falls on him.

Of course, and true to Days of Our Lives spoilers style, it’ll be a while before all the details were all out.  Because, we’re still waiting to find out what happened in the one-year time leap with other deaths. However, the fact that Evan Frears is Jordan Ridgway’s baby’s father is out soon.

Days of Our Lives: Rafe Hernandez Stunned at Baby Paternity

DOOL spoilers suspect Evan Frears hoped to keep lurking in Salem for a while without revealing his link to Jordan Ridgeway. But, that ends soon because Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) asked him for a background check as part of the adoption packet. And, Evan got twitchy on Days of Our Lives.

Spoilers say there’s no telling what that background report reveals. And, if Evan Frears refuses to sign for it, Rafe might run a police report instead. Perhaps, he worked at one of the mental institutions where Jordan Ridgeway spent time and that’s how they met, tease Days of Our Lives spoilers.

It remains to be seen if Evan Frears meant to kill Jordan Ridgeway or it was an accident. However, Ben’s in prison for that crime. And, that must be rectified soon or he’ll be dead. So, will Evan Frears come clean on killing Jordan Ridgeway? Or maybe Rafe figures it out. Watch the NBC sudser to see. Plus, remember there’s always the chance Jordan Ridgeway’s not really dead and this is another DOOL faked death twist.

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