‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Ciara Brady FIRED – Being Kidnapped Isn’t an Excuse for Missing Work

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Roman Brady (Josh Taylor) fires his niece Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal). Months ago, he gave his niece a chance as a waitress at the family pub. However, it seems that her run as a server is about to end. Ciara certainly had an eventful past few months. So, with all that went down, it looks like showing up to serve chowder at the Brady Pub didn’t top of her list of priorities. This week, Roman gives his niece her pink slip on the NBC soap.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Roman Brady Terminates Ciara Brady

DOOL spoilers recall Ciara Brady pulled the family card and sweet-talked her uncle into giving her a job at the Brady Pub back in December. This was after she and Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams) broke up. Her ex moved out and Ciara was forced to get a job so she and Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan) could cover the rent. However, her employment just ran its course. Unfortunately Roman has no choice but to let his niece go. And can you blame him? She barely if ever showed up to work.

Days of Our Lives spoilers remind Ciara Brady suffered a motorcycle accident and multiple kidnappings and attempts on her life. Certainly, she had very good reasons for missing shifts. So, it goes to reason that donning the green apron and serving up grub at the pub didn’t top her to-do list. But family or not, the pub is a business. Unfortunately, Uncle Roman had to tell his niece her services are no longer required. Kidnappings are no reason not to punch the time clock!

DOOL Spoilers: Ciara Brady Could End Up At Titan

Days of Our Lives confirm Ciara Brady doesn’t have to work. Recall she has a significant trust fund being a Kiriakis heir. However, Ciara learned through her parents the value of working for a living. So, with the pub job now in her rear view mirror, what’s next on the employment front for Ciara? Perhaps it’s time to play another family card and ask her grandfather Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) for a job at Titan Industries.

No doubt Victor would love to have his precious granddaughter working the family business. Clearly, he would make her start at the bottom and work her way up. So, a summer internship for Ciara sounds perfect. Then after college, she’s groomed and ready to be an executive like her fellow Kiriakis cousins. Life’s been rough on Ciara the past year, so this could be a good change for her.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire Brady’s Job Is Up For Grabs

DOOL spoilers confirm there is an opening at the cafe for a waitress. Since Claire Brady is now at Bayview, it appears the cafe is down a server. Although Tripp needs the extra cash, there is no way he can work all Claire’s shifts and his. So, now that Ciara has some server experience under her belt, perhaps she applies for that job on her own merits.

Certainly, Uncle Roman would at the very least give her a decent reference. Then again, maybe she’ll just stay busy playing house with Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and forget all about work for a while. Given all of Ciara Brady’s misadventures this past year, losing a minimum wage paycheck doesn’t seem too extreme, right?

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