‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Brady Warns Rex That Eric is a Girlfriend Stealer

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) warns Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) about their brother Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and tells him he’s got a track record of stealing girlfriends. And, considering Eric currently is fighting his feelings for Rex’s girlfriend Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey), Brady Black might be on to something.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Black Cautions Rex Brady About Eric Brady

As their brotherly relationship isn’t the greatest, Brady ends up warning Rex about Eric Brady’s habits, according to recent Days of Our Lives spoilers. He knows first-hand that Eric gets too involved in the lives of his brothers’ women. So, to give Rex a heads up, he simply tells him to watch out for Eric.

Most recently, the brothers came to blows over Nicole Walker (Arianna Zucker) on Days of Our Lives. Eric and Nicole slept together and confessed their love for each other while she was with Brady. When Brady discovered this, he was furious. He loved Nicole and couldn’t believe she and Eric betrayed him so brutally.

This eventually lead to Brady blackmailing Nicole to leave town, as he didn’t want them to be happy together. Eric only recently discovered this and rushed to reunite with Nicole. However, Nicole “died” in the warehouse explosion soon after reuniting with Eric. The brotherly bond has never been the same.

DOOL Spoilers: Eric and Sarah Horton Grow Close

While warning Rex Brady may simply be Brady Black’s chance to make life difficult for Eric, there’s some truth to what he says. The ex-priest does have a history of getting involved with Brady’s girlfriends on Days of Our Lives. From the way things are going with Eric and Sarah, Rex should be worried.

As previous spoilers showed, Sarah plants a kiss on Rex’s brother after she tries to comfort him. The two had major chemistry from the get-go, though circumstances kept them apart. For one, she was engaged to his brother and Eric was still grieving Nicole’s death.

However, Eric acknowledged he has real feelings for Sarah. After confessing as much to his mother, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), she told him to confess his love. Now, it looks like Sarah confesses her own feelings to him before he can say a word.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sarah Stops Fighting Her Feelings

For the most part, each time something happened between Sarah and Eric on DOOL, she was the one initiating. When the duo first mentioned there was something between them, it was because she threw herself at him. Now, according to this recent spoiler, again she’s the one who acts first.

Sarah struggled with her feelings for Rex’s brother in the past on Days of Our Lives. If she hadn’t slept with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer), the two might be together now. However, that betrayal pushed her one friend in town away, much to her disappointment.

Plus, she decided to reconcile with Rex. While she hates what he did to her, after sleeping with Xander she felt like she couldn’t judge and didn’t deserve a better man. However, now it looks like her feelings may lead to even more trouble in her relationship.

Days of Our Lives: Brady Black Discovers Kiss

While Sarah and Eric Brady decide to keep their smooch secret, that doesn’t work out. Brady Black learns that the two kissed. Maybe the Titan CEO walks in on the duo or he overhears them chatting. Either way, Brady blasts his brother for it on DOOL.

Then, he tells Rex to watch out for their brother, this could lead to Brady informing him of what conspired between Rex’s own girlfriend and brother on Days of Our Lives. Obviously, Rex Brady isn’t going to love this turn of events.

Previously, Rex suspected something was going on with his brother and Sarah. Rex confronted them, only to learn that his girlfriend slept with Xander, rather than Eric Brady. So now, Rex might take Brady Black’s warning to heart since it speaks to his existing suspicion.

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