‘Days of Our Lives’: Nicole Walker Dies – Who Will Get Holly Jonas?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) will perish in a fire. This will leave Holly Jonas (Oakley and Taytum Fisher) not only fatherless but motherless as well. Luckily for this little girl, she has plenty of family to step in and take care of her. Who should raise Holly Jonas when Nicole Walker dies?

Days Of Our Lives – The Walker Family

On Days of Our Lives, Nicole’s parents are deceased. However, she has siblings who could take custody of Holly. Nicole’s sister, Taylor Walker (last played by Tamara Braun), would certainly be an option. Brandon Walker (formerly played by Matt Cedeño) could also care for his niece. Although neither appears DOOL currently either could step in and raise their niece, Holly Jonas, off-screen.

Days of Our Lives – The Jonas-Horton Family

Holly Jonas does have a living grandmother, Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers). Her step-grandfather, Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) would certainly spoil her. He loved her father, Daniel Jonas (previously played by Shawn Christian), like a son. Daniel also has siblings.

Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) will soon be coming to Salem, on Days of Our Lives. Coincidentally, Nicole Walker was also subletting Sarah’s apartment. The two ladies are presumably friends. There’s a real possibility that she would raise her niece. Like Sarah, Melissa Horton is Daniel’s sister via adoption. Summer Townsend (formerly played by Marie Wilson) is also Daniel’s sister. However, it is unlikely she would be chosen to raise baby Holly.

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Daniel Jonas also has a grown daughter, Melanie Jonas (formerly played by Molly Burnett). Although she doesn’t live in Salem anymore it’s possible she would take her baby sister and raise her.  Melanie was very close to her father. She would want nothing but the best of her baby sister. Melanie could be a suitable option to raise little Holly.

Days of Our Lives – Holly Jonas’ Extended Family

Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) carried Holly Jonas as a surrogate mother. She was so attached to the child she took Nicole Walker to court to get custody. Although, Chloe was awarded custody she eventually did the right thing and gave Holly back to her mother. With both of Holly’s parents deceased Chloe could once again decide that she should raise baby Holly. The fact that Chloe is also the mother of Daniel’s other child, Parker Jonas, might help her case. It’s a real possibility that Chloe could bring up Holly as her daughter.

The fact of the matter is Xander Cook (Paul Telfer) is Nicole Walker’s husband. Legally he could also take  Holly and raise her as her stepfather. He is her father in the eyes of the law. In the absence of her father, he is providing for the child and caring for her. With his wife deceased, a court could very well allow Xander to get custody of Holly. However, this certainly isn’t what Nicole Walker would want. It’s also unlikely that Holly’s relatives would allow this. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail Xander would have a legal battle on his hands. His Uncle Victor would be leading the charge!

DOOL – Nicole Walker Wants Eric Brady To Raise Her Daughter Holly Jonas

Not wanting her daughter to live a life on the run, Nicole Walker recently asked Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) to take Holly and raise her. Eric refused the request. He wants to take care of Holly with Nicole, not by himself. Before tragedy strikes, DOOL spoilers indicate that Nicole will once again ask Eric to take care Holly. It’s her dying wish. Holly is all he will have left of Nicole. However, how would Daniel’s family feel if the man that was responsible for his death was now raising his daughter?

Nicole’s dying wish may not matter. Nicole Walker loves Holly. It’s possible that she has a will in place to name a guardian for Holly. This would be the best case scenario for Holly. Nicole would’ve taken great care to pick the person she thought was best to raise her daughter. A will would trump a dying declaration made in the heat of the moment.

Days of Our Lives fans are divided on who should get the baby. What do you think?


Who should raise Holly Jonas?


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