‘Days of Our Lives’ News: Matthew Ashford on Contract as Jack Deveraux

Days of Our Lives fan favorite Jack Deveraux is here to stay, as portrayer Matthew Ashford is now on contract. Fans have been waiting for Jack’s return for a while now, and it looks like this storyline will continue on in the future. Just where will his return take Salem residents? And what does this news mean for DOOL super couple, Jack and Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves)?

Days of Our Lives News: Matthew Ashford On Contract

As many fans guessed when it was announced that he was returning, Matthew Ashford is on contract as Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives. This means fans can be assured that he will be around for a while. With the storyline surrounding his return, there’s so much potential for his future.

Ashford is no stranger to the DOOL set, though the last time he was seen regularly on the show was a bit before his character was killed off in 2012. Jack Deveraux returned as apparitions, hallucinations, or dreams when his family members needed him the most.

Whether it was to help his daughter Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi) or his longtime love Jennifer, Jack has always been a pillar of support for his family. Now, with the news that Ashford is on contract, it seems like he’ll be around for a while now.

DOOL News: Jack Deveraux Returns to Salem

Days of Our Lives resurrected Jack, though he didn’t return to Salem in the best condition. As previous DOOL spoilers confirmed, Jack returns to Salem without his memories. He also returns with Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva), who strives on making sure that her longtime rival Jennifer suffers.

While Jack doesn’t have his memories, he does seem upset that he can’t remember who he was, especially when it comes to his children. Eve, on the other hand, loves that he can’t remember anything, as she can use this against him. She can tell him anything that she wants, and he won’t know that she’s lying.

However, Jack’s family is intent on rallying around him to possibly help him regain some, if not all, of his memories back. But could this work? With Ashford on contract, his storyline could potentially become quite a far-reaching story, especially with Xander Kiriakis (Paul Telfer) involved!

Days of Our Lives: The Future For Jack

Of course, Days of Our Lives fans all hoped that a Jack-Jen reunion would be imminent. However, it looks like that might not happen as soon as fans would have liked. While Jen obviously is working to help her longtime love remember all that they have been through, it could be a while before he remembers anything about her.

But this in itself could lead to even more storylines for Jack and Jen in the future. Could he fall in love with Jen, even without the memories of his past? Or will Eve succeed in putting herself in between them, marrying Jack to get back at Jennifer?

Regardless of where this new storyline takes fans, it’s going to be a good one. The news that Matthew Ashford is on contract just encourages all the potential storylines that could play out. Here’s to seeing more Jack in the future!

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