‘Days of Our Lives’: John Clarke Death Reports Wrong – Mickey Horton Actor is Alive

Days of Our Lives legacy character Mickey Horton is beloved on the NBC soap. Recently, some sites posted inaccurate reports of John Clarke’s death and then rapidly deleted them. Reportedly, his family asked for prayers for the 88-year-old actor and some jumped the gun reporting his demise. As of this writing, John Clarke is very much alive. So, those NBC soap fans upset at his passing can breathe a sigh of relief.

John Clarke – Days of Our Lives Actor

DOOL fans enjoyed 39 years of John Clarke as Mickey Horton. The talented actor began on the daytime hit in 1965. He was one of the original actors on the soap. He continued to play Mickey through January 2004. Then, Clarke abruptly announced his retirement saying that he wanted to spend time with family.

In 2004, John Clarke was honored with an Emmy that was a Lifetime Achievement Award. Just a few weeks ago, on April 14, he celebrated birthday number 88. So, why were Days of Our Lives Facebook groups and sites announcing that he was dead? John Clarke is not dead. The Mickey Horton actor is getting up there in years, but is alive and well. Here’s what likely happened.

Another John Clarke Died

While John Clarke (Days of Our Lives) is alive, another man by the same name died. And this other man’s death made headlines because he was also famous – just not in America. The man that passed away in April 2017 was Australian. (See above.)

That Mr Clarke was a political satirist and comedian. He was also a writer and, like the Mickey Horton portrayer, was an actor. So, this may have caused some confusion and triggered death reports for the former DOOL actor.

Also, it appears that the American actor’s family asked for prayers. These two events seem to have coalesced into some over-enthusiastic bloggers and fans reporting that the Mickey Horton actor died. He did not.

John Clarke – Days of Our Lives Mickey Horton Actor Alive

For those sad over the passing of John Clarke, dry your tears. He’s not dead. However, the DOOL actor’s family at some point asked for prayers, so he was apparently sick for a while. Since then, there are no reports of his being gravely ill or passing away.

Days of Our Lives reports that he died were incorrect. Rather than correcting their wrong reports, it seems that sites just took down their death articles. That left many NBC soap viewers with the incorrect impression that the Mickey Horton actor John Clarke was dead.

In fact, we may hear about Mickey Horton this week on DOOL since Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) faces her addiction demons. When Holly Jonas seemingly dies (although she does not really), Maggie contemplates drinking and perhaps we’ll get some John Clarke flashback scenes. Wait and see.

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