‘Days of our Lives’ Comings & Goings: Ciara Exits – Ben’s New Romance Hinted

Days of our Lives comings and goings push closer to Ciara Brady‘s (Victoria Konefal) exit, but Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) sticks around and could find love again. A recent scene hinted that Ben’s new romance might be quite a controversial choice. Take a look at what’s ahead.

Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Ciara Brady Leaves – Victoria Konefal Quit

DOOL casting updates confirm that Victoria left the NBC soap because she wanted to pursue other projects. Recently, showrunner Ron Carlivati acknowledged her exit as Ciara Brady with kind words. He sent her “best wishes” as she advanced her career.

Then, the Days of our Lives writer said he also hopes she comes to “visit” Salem in the future. Those are interesting words that point to Ciara being out of the picture for a while, right? So, that puts Ben Weston at loose ends. It also begs the question of how Ciara Brady exits the NBC sudser.

With Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva) plotting for Ben to kill her on Days of our Lives, that’s one option. But, it seems more likely that Ben might dump Ciara in fear he’d harm her rather than him harming her. Either way, the honeymoon’s over soon for Ciara Brady and Ben on DOOL.

Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) - Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal)

Ciara Gone – Ben Weston New Romance Hinted on DOOL

There was a bizarre scene recently on Days of our Lives. It might foreshadow Ben Weston’s next love interest. If so, it’s extraordinary. After Ben’s rescue from Eve’s clutches, he was back in Salem. Then, he saw Claire Brady (recast Isabel Durant) for the first time on the NBC soap.

Stunningly, on Days of our Lives, Ben pulled Claire in for a warm hug – full of gratitude for her role in his rescue. And Claire Brady hugged him back just as warmly. It was a very odd moment. While it’s hard to imagine the Olivia Rose Keegan version of Claire with Ben, this is different.

Since Days of our Lives put a new face on Claire, anything’s possible. And we know Claire’s sticking around Salem after Ciara Brady goes. So, she’s sure to be in Ben Weston’s orbit. And she may comfort Ben Weston after Ciara leaves. That could turn into heat – and it would sure be a twist.

Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) - Claire Brady (Isabel Durant)

Rob Wilson Mentioned Recast on Days of our Lives

In a recent interview about VK’s departure as Ciara, actor Robert Wilson talked about Salem without his scene partner. First, he told SOD that it “wouldn’t be the right move” to put another actress into the role right now. Instead, Ben’s alter-ego advised to “trust the process.”

So, it doesn’t sound like Days of our Lives is going to recast Ciara soon. And that leaves Ben Weston hot and alone. So, who’s single and could mingle with him in Salem. There are not a lot of age-appropriate ladies on the scene right now. So, maybe they will write it with Claire and Ben after Ciara Brady heads out of Salem.

After all, given both their villainous pasts on Days of our Lives, they might understand each other. Plus, both will miss Ciara when she goes and can comfort each other. Watch to see if Ben Weston “sparks” with firebug Claire once his wife leaves Salem.

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