‘Days of Our Lives’ Interview: Arianne Zucker on DOOL Return – Nicole’s Death Fan Reactions

Days of Our Lives fan favorite Nicole Walker‘s (Arianne Zucker) return to Salem has been full of surprises. She recently opened up in an interview about her return and the future of Nicole Walker.

Days of Our Lives – Nicole Walker’s Return

Arianne Zucker told Soap Opera Digest recently that when she got the call to return to DOOL she thought it was too soon. She had only been gone from Days of Our Lives for a short time. She only agreed to return because it was a short-term return. The timing was right for her. Returning to DOOL didn’t interfere with the filming of her other projects or her daughter’s summer vacation.  She says it all worked out.

Arianne also stated she is always happy to work on the set of DOOL. Days of Our Lives was her home for many years. It makes sense that she would welcome the opportunity to come back for a short story arc.


No Nerves for Arianne Zucker As She Returned to Days of Our Lives

Arianne stated she wasn’t nervous at all to return to the set of Days of Our Lives. Excited to see her old friends and Salem family, Arianne says it was like seeing family you haven’t seen in a while. She also expressed how good it felt to be wanted by the fans of Days of Our Lives. Always humble, Arianne didn’t want to sound conceited when she said: “it’s a good feeling that people want this character on the show”.

Nicole has evolved over the years. Arianne Zucker realizes that. She stated ” I know when this character airs, there’s always some sort of loving hatred for her. I think more loving now that her character’s changed a lot through the years, but it is a good feeling. I’ve tried to give so much to the fans emotionally, especially. It’s very good to feel wanted. Who doesn’t want to feel wanted?”


Playing Nicole Walker Is Exhausting on Days of Our Lives

If there is one thing Nicole Walker does a lot of its cry. She’s an emotional character. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Arianne said it was a little hard to get back into character.  Working so many episodes in a row that involves crying is exhausting for the actress. Filming a movie isn’t as stressful as the demands of filming a soap opera. She’s enjoyed doing films because it offers her more free time to spend with her daughter and boyfriend Shawn Christian (ex Daniel Jonas).

Arianne has enjoyed being able to do Mom things, like drop her daughter off at school and go to the playground. Spending time with her daughter is clearly important to the actress. Spending quality time with her daughter is just what the actress needed. She’s now in control of her own schedule. Although she still travels with Shawn for their company she only works four day work weeks. She’s also done work at 3:00 p.m. every day so she can pick up her daughter. Building on family time has surely made the actress happy. She states it’s been “pretty great”.

Real Life With DOOL Dr. Daniel Jonas

Just as Nicole Walker and Daniel Jonas fell in love so did Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian. The couple enjoys traveling together. Shawn owns Lux Soul Traveler which Arianne helps him run. He runs the company while Arianne keeps him organized. He comes up with the ideas and she helps him to execute them. Not only are they growing a business together but they’re also growing as a couple.

Arianne stated that “Each trip really teaches us something new on how to really tighten it up and make it exactly unique to us. It’s been pretty awesome working with him. I mean, you never know if you’re going to work well with your partner or not.”

The couple seems to be working well as business partners and as a couple!

Fans Devastated By Nicole Walker’s Impending Death

Nicole has definitely been welcomed by the fans on her return. Fans are devastated that Nicole Walker will be killed off of Days of Our Lives according to DOOL spoilers. They still hold out hope that she will escape death just as so many other Days of Our Lives characters have recently.

When asked in the interview if she would return on a permanent basis she stated “Yeah! When I left the show I said never say never. It was definitely trying a new adventure because if you don’t try, you’ll never know. DOOL has always been my home since I was a teenager, basically. Well, just after a teenager! It’s hard to say no. It really is. And it circles back around; it’s so nice to feel wanted in any capacity.”

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