‘Days of Our Lives’: Allie Horton Caught in Shocking Love Triangle?

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) could wind up in a surprising love triangle. Allie not only has eyes for cutie doctor-in-training Tripp Dalton Johnson (Lucas Adams) but for someone else as well. Romance is budding this spring for this young mother and her new love interest is a real shocker.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Allie Horton Keeps Tripp at Arm’s Length?

On DOOL, Allie Horton flirts with Tripp Johnson every chance she gets. However, spoilers show that Tripp gets another lecture from his boss at the hospital. Recall, recently on Days of our Lives, the med student’s professionalism was in question after treating his baby Henry. Of course, Tripp’s care of the baby was on-point. However, getting close to the baby’s mother, Allie, goes against hospital policy.

While Allie Horton is definitely smitten with Tripp, she will use caution when interacting with him at DOOL‘s University Hospital. After all, her false rape accusation almost cost trip his residency at the hospital. So, Allie doesn’t want to interfere with Tripp’s doctor dream on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. 

However, we predict that even though she keeps her distance from Tripp somewhat, she’s still crushing on him big time. After all, Tripp and Allie Horton went through a lot together in the short amount of time they’ve known each other on DOOL. It is obvious Tripp feels the same way about Allie. Days of Our Lives viewers cheer this budding new romance.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) - Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams)

DOOL Spoilers: Chanel Dupree Plays Catch Up with Party Pal

Days of Our Lives spoilers divulge Allie Horton and scheming Chanel Dupree (Precious Way) reminisce about their time in the UK together. Allie enjoyed London’s vibrant nightlife with party pal Chanel. Even though the two now seem like an unlikely pair, remember Allie was a much different person before motherhood. DOOL fans recall Allie was cut-off from the family dole, much like Chanel recently was too.

Allie Horton doesn’t have many friends her age on Days of Our Lives. in the same vein, Chanel has nobody to call her Salem BFF. In addition, Chanel moves in with her cousin Lani Price (Sal Stowers). So, it appears she will be in Salem for a while. DOOL viewers get to see a different side of both young women on the NBC soap.

Plus, the official Days of Our Lives spoilers weekly promo reveals Allie Horton shares a kiss with Chanel. Obviously, the young ladies were more than just party buddies as the smooch is the kind one would give a lover. Tripp is shocked as he walks in on the hot smooch those two share in public, per DOOL spoilers.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold) - Chanel Dupree (Precious Way)

Days of Our Lives Prediction: Allie in a Fluid Love Triangle?

After spotting the kiss between Allie Horton and her gal pal, Tripp is dumbfounded. After all, he just flirted with Allie on DOOL. However, the two are not dating and are only in the early stages of a potential romance. But, this does make him question the young mom’s intentions with him, hint Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Chanel left a really poor impression on Tripp at their first meeting – when she tried to pull a dine and dash. And while Allie’s just flirted with Tripp – she might have already been intimate with Chanel. So, the scheming newcomer might have a leg up on him if there’s a blossoming love triangle in the works on Days of Our Lives.

Of course, this kiss could just be a one-off and Allie tells Chanel that she’s into Tripp. Then again, she might be so into Chanel also that she can’t resist temptation. DOOL fans are in for an interesting May sweeps as this story unfolds. Watch for more with Tripp, Chanel, and Allie Horton.

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