‘Counting On’ Birthing Special: Abbie and John David Duggar Welcome Daughter Grace

Counting On stars Abbie Burnett Duggar and John David Duggar welcomed their first child, daughter Grace Annette Duggar, just about a month ago. Of course, the TLC cameras were there to capture the events leading up to and including the birth of the newest member of the Duggar family.

Since Counting On is in-between seasons, TLC earlier this week released a special two-part birthing special on the TLC To Go app titled “John and Abbie’s Baby”. Here are some of the highlights leading up to little Gracie’s arrival.

Counting On: Abbie & John David Duggar Are Proud Parents To Daughter Gracie

Counting On celeb Abbie Burnett Duggar gave birth to her daughter little Grace Annette Duggar on Tuesday, January 9. Abbie’s husband John David Duggar was by her side. The couple quickly took to calling their sweet girl “Gracie”. The new family of three is over the moon with joy as they welcome their daughter to the world. Now we get to see the events leading up to the birth thanks to a new special released this week by TLC.

Prior to the birth of his daughter, Counting On’s John David Duggar is shown making a very special gift for his wife and new daughter. He makes a video to show Abbie about getting ready to become a father. He also makes sure to capture the thoughts of some of his family in the video. As John says, he wants his daughter to see the emotions they were feeling as they get ready to meet her. In his video blog, he tells his daughter that he has 18 siblings. So clearly she’ll have no shortage of aunts and uncles and cousins.

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The Duggars Squeeze Into John David and Abbie’s House To Meet Gracie

Counting On’s newest first-time parents were able to take their daughter home less than two days after she was born. Abbie had a strenuous 36-hour long labor. However, she did have an epidural which helped make the delivery much less painful. In fact, her sister in law Jessa teased that next time she will di the same.

Almost immediately upon returning home, the Counting On alums hosted a meet and greet to introduce little Gracie her large extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was the first time Abbie and John had so many Duggars in their home at once. Recall John and Abbie live in a small 660 sqft modular home. So fitting all these Duggars in was no small feat. Proud grandfather Jim Bob Duggar commemorated the joyous event. He was able to get the entire family into a selfie. Certainly, that is one memory they will all cherish for years to come.

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