‘Counting On’ News: Anna Duggar Shares All About Son Mason’s Allergy

Anna Duggar is now speaking out about her son Mason having an allergy that fans didn’t even know about. Even though Anna isn’t on Counting On much anymore, the fans love to get updates on how she is doing and hear about the children.

Anna shares the details

Anna Duggar actually shared all of the details on an Instagram post. It turns out that Josh and Anna’s youngest son Mason has a dairy allergy. Sometimes children end up outgrowing this, but as of right now, it is something that Anna deals with on a daily basis. It wasn’t simple at all to figure out what was going on with him. He could have been allergic to several things, but they were lucky enough that it was just dairy.

She shared a video of Mason having pancakes and explained that this was his first time to get to have them. Anna had to make dairy free ones for her little boy to enjoy. The allergies showed up for him at just two weeks, but it took a while to find the right formula for their little boy.

This even caused some problems with nursing because they had to figure out what Anna Duggar couldn’t have either. Luckily, she shared that by six months they had it all figured out and Mason was able to nurse 100% of the time. His weight is also doing great.

Anna praises God in her post

Another thing that Anna Duggar did was praise God in her post. The family from Counting On is very religious and have made it clear that God is important to them. They don’t believe in using birth control and all have as many children as God ends up blessing them with in the end.

Anna Duggar ended up staying with her husband Josh through his entire scandal. There were several things that came out about Josh, but she didn’t leave his side. Josh spent some time in a rehab facility and then came back home again. It wasn’t long after that she got pregnant with Mason.

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