‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Duggar Praises Austin Forsyth for Flashy Gift

Counting On‘s Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth said she had a rough morning, but she said Austin Forsyth made it better. Her friend Carlin Bates just left to go back home, and her son Gideon Forsyth decided to make a major mess on the rug. And then she got her hubby’s gift.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Sends Austin Forsyth to Colorado

Joy-Anna Duggar took Austin Forsyth to meet his buddies. She sent her husband from Counting On to hunt elk in Colorado. He went with four of his friends, and it looked like it would be a promising trip.

Austin seems to be very active lately. Before going hunting, it wasn’t long ago that he went skydiving in Alabama. It doesn’t seem like it bothers Joy-Anna that Austin Forsyth is out having fun. In fact, she had some fun of her own.

While Austin was in Colorado, Joy-Anna’s best friend Carlin and her baby came to visit. Counting On celeb Joy-Anna Duggar said she didn’t get much done while her friend was there. So, she had a lot to do, and her son gave her even more to do.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar

Joy-Anna Cleans Up a Big Mess

TLC’s Joy-Anna Duggar said she was sad to send Carlin Bates off. And that Gideon from Counting On made the morning even tougher. The little guy decided to take his diaper off and rub poop all over the rug.

Gideon went to see some of Joy-Anna’s family while she cleaned up. While she dealt with the mess, she said she was feeling really bad. And out of the blue, she got a gift at her door.

Austin Forsyth sent her a huge vase of roses while he was in Colorado. Joy-Anna Duggar said she didn’t know how Counting On hubby Austin sent her roses from the wilderness, but she was so happy. She said he had no idea how bad her morning was, and they made it there right on time.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar

Counting On: Austin and His Wife Work Hard for a Good Life

Both Austin Forsyth and his wife Joy-Anna Duggar do a lot to live the good life they have. They have their home building business, and Austin often does a lot of the work himself. Joy-Anna doesn’t get too hands-on with projects, but she takes care of the kids and the home.

Viewers said that it was great that Counting On star Joy-Anna and her husband have such a good time. They obviously work hard, and they get more independent all of the time. They don’t need anyone’s money to help them with their businesses, and fans applaud them.

Fans of Counting On said the flowers were beautiful. And it looks like more than a few people think Joy-Anna Duggar deserved them for staying at home with two young kids while Austin Forsyth went hunting elk.

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