‘Counting On’: Duggar Kids Escape Jim Bob Through Quick Marriages? – Theory Grows

Counting On fans are a die-hard bunch when it comes to the Duggar brood and they don’t miss much when it comes to their life playing out in a reality show. With that said a new theory is picking up speed across the online world. It has to do with the rebellion of the Duggar children.

Counting On Strict Family Rules

The name of the show is Counting On for a reason. Once Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle were done having kids, their kids started to have families of their own. Counting On is just getting larger with new marriages and new little family members.

Many in the nation are infatuated with this clan of reality stars and they’ve watched for years as their trials and tribulations played out on screen. Jim Bob Duggar has imposed some very strict rules, regulations, and protocols on his family through the years.

Rebellion In Duggar Family

Jim Bob has seen some rebellion from his Counting On offspring from the time they were under their original show title right up to the present day. As the Celebrity Insider reminds their readers, “from showing a little too much PDA to wearing jeans on social media,” they’ve rebelled.

Wearing jeans and holding hands in public might not sound like anything offensive to the average person. But in the Duggar family – it’s against daddy’s teachings.

Trend Emerges From Counting On Kids

What got the attention of the fans recently is a trend they believe is forming among the Duggar children still left at home. “They’re always missing from church when they’ve started dating,” claims one astute Duggar watcher.

Looking at both sides of this possibility, Celebrity Insider suggests an alternative possibility.  It could be the case that the Duggar children are attending the place of worship that their new love interest attends.

Proverbial Slap In the Face?

Even if that were the case it would still be a slap in the face to Jim Bob, as it is his church the children are not attending. Fans are wondering if this is the ultimate rebellion on the Duggar kids’ part.

As far as Jim Bob is concerned, attending Sunday mass is one of the most important things in life. He has reiterated this thought time and time again.

Counting On Brood’s Ulterior Motive

The fans also believe the kids are getting married so fast that they have an ulterior motive for doing so. A kind of method to their madness so to say.

Some of the Counting On fans have shared their belief that the kids are rushing to get married to flea the grips of Jim Bob’s rules.

Go Forth and Have a Litter!

What Jim Bob and Michelle have basically taught their kids is that life is for having children and that is one lesson they’ve seemed to pick up. They are marrying young and starting families of their own at a young age.

Are the Duggar children using marriage as an escape hatch from their father Jim Bob? Are they in such a hurry to get out of that house that marriages are happening too soon? Some fans believe this is the case. They believe that Jim Bob’s rules are just too stringent for the kids in today’s world.