‘Counting On’: Are Jinger Duggar’s Modesty Standards Changing?

Counting On‘s Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been making noticeable changes since her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. When Jim Bob and Michelle’s children get married, they are allowed to move out of the household. When Jinger moved out, she not only moved out. But she also made some major changes in how she looks and dresses.

Counting On: Does Jinger Duggar Vuolo Have a Good Sense of Fashion?

Jinger Duggar of Counting On did a question and answer session with her husband Jeremy recently. During the episode, the couple joked about fashion. Jeremy Vuolo adoringly teased his wife Jinger Duggar about her fashion sense — or lack thereof. He said when they met she didn’t have much of a fashion knowledge or at least outdated knowledge of fashion.

While some people took that as a negative comment, Jinger Duggar agreed with her husband. Jinger said that she didn’t know what she was doing with fashion. And she seemed grateful to her husband that he was helping her update her look on Counting On.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar

Jinger Cuts and Dyes Her Hair, Wears Pants, and More

Jinger Duggar’s family is very strict about their values. Modesty is one of the most important things to them. And fans notice that Jinger might be changing to her own standards of modesty. During the first show about the Duggar family, Michelle Duggar said they chose the clothes they wore to draw attention to their face. And not the rest of their body.

Fans of Counting On know that the patriarch and matriarch of their family have very interesting views on modesty. Many believe some of the things the family believes put the responsibility of pureness on the woman too much. The parents believe if women dress respectfully that men won’t be likely to lust after them. But if they don’t then, it’s likely the woman’s fault for how she’s dressed.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar

Counting On: Jinger Makes Her Own Way in the World

Despite her family’s rules, it seems that Jinger Duggar from the show Counting On is making her own way in the world. Instead of following along blindly and doing her parent’s bidding, she is making her own mark. After moving to Los Angeles with her family, she seems to be breaking out of her shell even more.

Jinger’s modesty standards are definitely changing. Instead of long dresses and long hair, she’s even worn above the knee shorts. Everything she is wearing is still more than modest to normal standards. But to her parents, it might seem like a very bold and bad way to dress.

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