‘Cosby Show’ Reruns: Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Clues 28 Years Before Verdict

The Cosby Show‘s Dr. Heathcliff “Cliff” Huxtable (Bill Cosby) gave viewers a foreboding look at the future. Videos like the one named “Bill Cosby’s Special Barbecue Sauce (Now known as Barbe-quaaludes)” hint at the melee Cosby would face. In the wake of Bill Cosby receiving prison time for sexual assault, scenes that foreshadow Cosby’s crimes are emerging via YouTube reruns.

On Tuesday, September 25, Cosby was sentenced to 3 to 10 years in state prison. Looking back, there were disturbing signs from The Cosby Show that are ominous when viewed in retrospect. Start with an episode in 1990, with the troubling season 7 episode 3 titled “The Last Barbecue” during the seventh season.

Cosby Show‘s Cliff Huxtable spiked BBQ sauce – echoes Bill Cosby verdict

In the show, Cosby’s character admitted to spiking his special BBQ sauce with a secret ingredient. That mystery ingredient made the battling couples around Cosby act all lovey-dovey. IMDB explained that Cliff prepared a special family BBQ to help the couples around him bond. Dr. Cliff Huxtable would not reveal his secret sauce ingredients.

Suddenly, any arguments that existed about a stripper attending a future bachelor party dissipated. Couples began kissing on the show. Huxtable wooed his wife, Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad), to bed with news that BBQ sauce waited in their bedroom.

“Let me tell you something else, I’ve got a cup of it up on the night table,” Cliff whispered slyly. “I’ve got a cup of it, I said. I left it up there breathing. Why don’t you give the chicken to these people? Let’s just go on up and have some sauce.” Clair left the chicken while Cliff took the sauce away from a child.

Bill Cosby spoke of Spanish Fly drink drugging

Although Dr. Cliff wouldn’t reveal what’s in his secret sauce spiking ingredients, Bill Cosby has spoken of “Spanish Fly” in the past. Spanish fly is the nickname for a drug created from the Spanish fly beetles. It’s toxins are reported to have aphrodisiac properties.

As seen in the below video and other videos on YouTube, “Spanish Fly” has been dripping from Bill Cosby’s lips since his 1969 “It’s True! It’s True!” comedy album.

“Haven’t you ever noticed after people have some of my barbecue sauce, after a while when it kicks in they get all huggy-buggy? I’m dead serious, haven’t you noticed that after one of my barbecues, and they have the sauce, people want to get right home?” Cliff asked Claire in the controversial episode of The Cosby Show. 

Cosby’s kindly doctor character crushed up pills in a drink

Watching “America’s Dad” being led away in handcuffs is a harsh comparison to recalling the beloved 80s/90s sitcom that most watched. In addition to the awful barbecue sauce drugging there was another episode that’s a stunning reminder of Cosby’s crimes.

Back in season 1, episode 12, there was a Cosby Show installment titled “Rudy’s Sick” that aired in 1984. Watch above as Cliff crushes up pills and puts them in a drink for little Rudy Huxtable (Keshia Knight). After admitting giving prescription Quaaludes to women he desired, Cosby’s scenes seem all too real for viewers watching reruns.

Despite today’s sentencing of 3-12 years in prison for his crimes, Bill Cosby is already planning an appeal so there’s no word yet when he’ll begin serving time behind bars. Meanwhile, his 60 accusers wait and wonder.

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