‘Cooper’s Treasure’ Reveals Death of Darrell’s Dad Roger Miklos

Cooper’s Treasure aired a new episode on Discovery tonight. It had already been teased that a tragedy would be revealed. During the show, the shocking death of Darrell Miklos’ dad Roger Miklos was revealed. Roger was also a famous treasure hunter and fans had no idea he had lost his life.

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Roger’s death revealed on Cooper’s Treasure

During this new episode of Cooper’s Treasure tonight, the news came out that Darrell Miklos’ father Roger had passed away. Somehow they were able to keep this quiet until the show aired, which is kind of crazy with the way that social networks are today. The viewers went through an emotional ride watching it all.

Darrell actually got the news from his mother about the loss of his father. He said he was shocked when it came out. Darrel had just reached out to his dad before that, but he wasn’t involved in the current project at all. He was trying to just update him on how things were going for them.

Darrell talks about his father’s death

After the show, Discovery shared that Darrell was talking about the loss of his father and how it impacted him. He was very open in this video that you can see below. They talked about how it was a very interesting episode. It was a very emotional episode for him, his family and the audience. He had to experience it all in front of the camera.

Darrel admits that his dad was bitter until the end about a lot of things and it was a sad ending. Roger was a treasure hunter who had some amazing success during his time. He even helped to finance expeditions that he didn’t go on at all. Make sure you check out everything he had to say below in this interview.

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