‘Bringing Up Bates’: Zach Bates and Whitney Perkins Give Birth – Baby Khloé Bates Is Here

Bringing Up Bates spoilers report Zach Bates and Whitney Perkins Bates welcomed their third bundle of joy Khloé Eileen Bates into the world on the uplifting reality show. Remember, before getting pregnant with Khloé Whitney and Zach went through a devastating miscarriage.

Thankfully, Whitney and Zach were able to conceive again and just added the newest addition to their family. Additionally, their two children Bradley Gilvin and Kaci Lynn are over the moon for their baby sister. No doubt, Zach and Whitney are incredibly grateful and  as they begin life as a family of five on UPtv’s Bringing Up Bates.

Whitney Perkins and Zach Bates Newest Addition – Bringing Up Bates Spoilers

Bringing Up Bates spoilers recall Whitney Perkins Bates and Zach Bates happily announced they were expecting their third child this past May. Zach and Whitney suffered a tragic miscarriage before the blessing of their newest bundle. No doubt, it was heartbreaking but they got through it with the support of their loving family. Additionally, Whitney’s sister-in-law Erin Bates Paine was her rock. Surely, Erin knows Whitney’s pain all too well as she was there before herself.

Erin and her husband Chad Paine struggled through several miscarriages before welcoming their first child. So, Erin knew exactly what Whitney was going through and she got both her and Zach through it. Also, Erin and Chad gave them a dogwood tree that they all planted together in remembrance of their baby that is in heaven. This is a way that the baby will always be with them and the children and the tree can grow together on Bringing Up Bates.  

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Khloé Eileen Is Here On Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates spoilers are proud to announce Zach Bates and wife Whitney Perkins’ new baby Khloé Eileen Bates is here! The stunning little bundle came into the world on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 3:48 p.m., and weighed 7 lbs., 9 oz. Of course, everyone is brimming with joy that baby Khloé is here and that Whitney’s pregnancy and birth went smoothly.

Whitney said that they “are grateful to God for his blessings” and “Our hearts are overflowing with love and we are overwhelmed with cuddles and smiles!” Also, they wanted to thank fans for the tremendous love and support they have shown throughout their tragedy. And, during this joyous time as well. With love and support and the tree they planted for the baby that is with God they are happy to start the next chapter of their lives on Bringing Up Bates. 

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Khloe’s Big Brother And Sister Ecstatic

Bringing Up Bates spoilers promise baby Khloé Eileen’s big sister Kaci Lynn and big brother Bradley Gilvin is already in love with their little sister. No doubt, all of Whitney and Zach Bates’ children were waiting anxiously for the little one to arrive. Also, they playfully argue over who gets to hold her first. Judging by the beautiful photos all over social media the older siblings are in awe. No doubt, their faces say it all as they hold their new sister. Of course, fans are ecstatic for the family and are showing their support all over social media.

No doubt, Whitney and Zach’s Instagram page overflows with endless congrats from family and fans alike. Surely, everyone that helped them through the sadness and grief of the baby they lost is rejoicing with them now. While they will always miss the little one they are so thankful for Khloé Eileen. Catch all-new episodes of Bringing Up Bates at 9 pm ET on UPtv to follow along as Zach Bates and his wife Whitney Bates enjoy life as a family of five.

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