‘Bringing Up Bates’: Erin Bates Paine Shares Major Health Update

Bringing Up Bates updates know Erin Bates Paine hasn’t been around much lately. Recently, Erin spoke out to let the UPtv reality series fans know why she’s been off the radar.

Bringing Up Bates Updates: Erin Bates Paine Shares Huge News

Erin Bates Paine of Bringing Up Bates always does her best to keep her loyal fans up-to-date. Recently, Erin has been quiet, so she shared a life update with her followers. Sadly, over the past months, Erin has had three surgeries because of ruptured cysts that caused internal bleeding.

As a result, Erin had one ovary removed along with most of the other one. No doubt, fans’ hearts everywhere go out to Erin and her family during this scary time. This is one of the most heartbreaking things for a mom to face. And it may mean a major change for the Bringing Up Bates star.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Paine - Chad Paine

Turning Point for Erin and Her Family

Erin Bates’s health issues may signal a significant change ahead for the mother of four on Bringing Up Bates. It seems there may be a chance that she might not be able to have more children in the future because of the removal of most of her ovaries.

However, there is still a chance that this is not the case. She may very well go on to have more kids. It’s entirely possible to conceive with one ovary. And if she isn’t able to, she already has four fantastic children with her husband, Chad Paine.

And, of course, the most important thing is her health. Chad is extremely supportive of his wife and has been her hero through this entire ordeal. Together, Erin and Chad of Bringing Up Bates stay positive as they continue to search for answers.

Bringing Up Bates: Erin Bates Paine - Chad Paine

Bringing Up Bates Stars Stay Strong

Bringing Up Bates‘ Erin Bates shares how grateful she is for her hubby Chad and all he does for her. She says Chad is so patient and caring. He pampers her and waits on her hand and foot day and night. Plus, he does all of the cooking and housework.

And he takes care of the kids without a single complaint. On top of that, Chad writes Erin daily love notes that make her cry and smile simultaneously. Even though this is a difficult time, she is so grateful for the doctors and their dedication.

Bringing Up Bates fan-faves Erin Bates Paine and Chad find peace and strength in their faith and each other. They try not to let this discourage them or get them down. Surely, the Bates’ sister is in the thoughts of fans everywhere. Check back here often to stay in the know as we get more info on Erin Bates Paine and her journey.

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