‘Bold and the Beautiful’: What is Wrong With Thomas Forrester?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers ask if there may be more to Thomas Forrester‘s (Matthew Atkinson) obsessive behavior when it comes to Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Sure, he wants her as his woman, but is there more driving him? After all, B&B fans have seen this behavior in him before. He obsessed over Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) and he’s also displayed dangerous behavior towards Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) when they were younger men. So does Thomas need a jail cell or therapy? Take a look at warning signs on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Forrester May Be Certifiably Nuts

Okay, nuts isn’t a technical term but you get the idea. B&B spoilers hint Thomas Forrester may not just be lovelorn but could have some sort of medical condition that needs treatment. So, there are several explanations for Thomas’ maniacal behavior. However, will it get diagnosed in time to save Hope? Certainly, Emma is beyond saving now

First, is the possibility that Thomas is suffering from some sort of undiagnosed mental illness. Thomas wouldn’t be the first person in his family to have a condition. Fans will remember that his Aunt Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) suffers from bipolar disorder – and has her whole life. Perhaps Thomas Forrester has the same issue but it’s never been treated on Bold and the Beautiful.

B&B Spoilers: Could Thomas Have a Brain Tumor?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint another possibility is a brain tumor or some physical brain disorder like cancer. Because sometimes, Thomas seems totally lucid. Remember, he has a very normal and caring relationship with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). But since then, perhaps this condition has worsened and now he’s losing his grip?

Tumors and physical brain maladies can cause behavioral changes. So a normal person suddenly turns aggressive. There could be a physical malady causing this slide into total madness. Remember B&B fans watched as Thomas Forrester’s grandmother Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) passed away from brain cancer. Perhaps he also has it.

Bold and the Beautiful: Maybe He’s Just Wicked

The third and final possibility is that Thomas is just a bad person. B&B spoilers for next week show him lurking around Hope’s cabin. So, maybe he’s just a twisted stalker plain and simple. This possibility is plausible based on his current behavior. Viewers watched Thomas gaslight Hope and destroy her marriage and basically steal her away from her life. He could be wicked with no excuse…

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind that, at first, Thomas Forrester was just creepy and a jerk for taking advantage of Hope’s grief. Now, he has stepped up his game. He ran Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) off the road and, barring a miracle, she’s dead. A man who will do that is very dangerous. So, maybe he needs therapy and medication – or maybe he needs cancer treatment – or maybe he’s just terrible and needs to go to prison.

Keep watching CBS daytime to see how the soap explains what is wrong with Thomas Forrester.

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