‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Thomas Crazy For Years – Fixated on Brooke Then Hope

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) loses his last remaining shred of sanity next week. When the baby secret comes out, he assaults Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and tries to force Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) to run off with him.

CBS recast the character as a bit of a psycho. He had an interest in Hope years ago, but nothing like this. Take a look at how long this awful situation’s been festering between Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester Had Mental Issues Before

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recently had Hope Logan brushing aside concerns about Thomas Forrester. She said she’d known him her whole life and he’d never hurt her. Thomas always had his creepy eye on other guy’s girls. Staring as a SORAS’d teen, he was kind of nutty and aggressive. Family shipped Thomas off to counseling over an obsessive rivalry with Rick Forrester.

He set Rick’s house on fire and blew up his car. Has Liam Spencer checked his car lately? Hmm… Before Thomas was into Hope, he stalked Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). He watched her sleeping. Then, kissed her while she was dozing. It was Bold and the Beautiful creepiness.

B&B History Reminder: Brooke Logan First – Then Hope Logan

Then, on Bold and the Beautiful, back when Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was first seeing Liam Spencer, there were problems. Hope and Liam were exes and Steffy knew they still had feelings for each other. She was determined to hang on to Liam no matter what, so she encouraged Thomas Forrester to pursue Hope Logan romantically.

At first, Hope wasn’t really into Thomas, but she decided to give him a chance since Steffy had Liam. It never got serious despite Thomas’ best efforts. But back then, Thomas Forrester had his sister with him scheming to keep Liam and Hope apart so each could have them. Maybe this time around, Thomas thought he and his sis could cut the same deal on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Writers Amping Up Their Past

This time around with the Thomas Forrester recast, the B&B writers added some backfill to the story and created more to it than it really was back in the day. They’ve got him hanging onto an engagement ring from way back in the day. He proposed back then. She rejected him but we never saw him being head over heels obsessed with her back then.

Mostly, on Bold and the Beautiful, it was about helping Steffy with her agenda. Now, they’ve blown it into something more and spun it up and then out of control. Hope broke things off with Thomas. Because she loved Liam back then (and now). She married Thomas now – and he’s full-blown psycho crazy.

Any lingering sympathy B&B fans had for Thomas Forrester’s grief likely ended when he terrorized his son with a ghost, then threats. Now, he goes off the deep end when the Beth secret comes out. In his mind, there’s some epic romance with Hope Logan that’s been years in the making. But it’s just a twisted fantasy that all crashes down on CBS daytime this week.

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