‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Taylor Out of Control At Liam-Hope Wedding – Can Steffy Control Her Mom?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers describe the gust of wind Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) creates when she blows back into town this week. Taylor is Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)’s mom and she quickly gets to work sabotaging the up-and-coming wedding. It should be her daughter’s wedding, after all, and she just won’t see it any other way.

Bold and the Beautiful Whips Up a Storm

Taylor is going to leave her mark on quite a few people in the Forrester-Spencer-Logan trio of families. Veteran fans of Bold and the Beautiful know all too well what this woman is capable of. With that said, who can forget that she’s the same “professional” psychiatrist who shot Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

At the time she pulled the trigger, she was furious over Dollar Bill taking advantage of her daughter Steffy. Instead of making things better for Steffy it made it much worse. She did nothing more than give Bill something more to hold over Steffy’s head and torment her. Steffy felt like his puppet after he threatened to have her mother arrested if she didn’t play his game.

Dr. Taylor Hayes – Fine Line Between Psychiatrist and Patient

For a woman who is a well-respected psychiatrist, Dr, Taylor Hayes tends to act more like a patient at times. Furthermore, her presence in town now has Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) walking on the edge of insanity as well.

As far as Taylor’s concerned, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) has just stolen Liam Spencer ((Scott Clifton) right out from under Steffy. You can see her yelling her thoughts at Steffy in the Bold and the Beautiful video below.

Tayor has a mind of her own and despite Steffy adamantly stating that she’s done with Liam, Taylor doesn’t see it that way. Monday’s Bold and the Beautiful opened up with a tearful Steffy handing Liam back the phone he left in her office.  Liam couldn’t help but notice the tears.

Steffy Forrester Sheds Tears as Liam Spencer Proposes to the Other Woman

When Liam asked Steffy what was going on as he could see she was upset, Steffy answers. “I saw,” she tells the man she loves. Liam wasn’t sure what she was talking about so Steffy elaborated, “I saw you propose to Hope.” Steffy is miserable and if the viewers can see this as plain as day, so can her mother Taylor.

Bold and the Beautiful May Have a Taylor-Made Wedding

Spoilers indicate that Taylor goes to work on Liam and this doesn’t stop no matter who steps in. She’s overheard telling Liam he should be with Steffy just minutes before he’s slated to take his vows with Hope. This happens to be the time that Brooke overhears Taylor’s ploy and Brooke’s reaction is going to be off the wall. Look at how she treats Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) when he even mentions Steffy’s heart is breaking. Now it’s her mortal enemy sabotaging Hope’s future, so she’s not holding back.

Taylor and Brooke are slated to go at it. In the spoiler video, Brooke can be seen reprimanding her daughter Hope. She is telling her that she just created a “recipe for disaster” inviting Steffy to the wedding who is bringing Taylor along as her guest. With that said, TV Overmind reminds the fans that news of Taylor coming to the wedding puts Brooke on the edge. Despite Brooke semi-demanding that Hope uninvite Steffy, Hope won’t do it.

Bold and the Beautiful - Steffy Forrester - - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood- Hope Logan - Annika Noelle - Liam Spencer- Scott Clifton

There is one big thing stopping Hope from taking back Steffy’s invite. That’s Steffy’s new outlook for the Steffy-Hope-Liam mess, which is getting along like three adults for the sake of two children. One child is already here and the other one is about to come into this world, both fathered by Liam.

Steffy Forrester Treads on Dangerous Grounds

Steffy already knows her mother’s thoughts on Hope marrying Liam. With that said, it is dangerous ground she treads on having Taylor in tow at the wedding. Some might say Steffy subconsciously wants her mother to put a stop to Liam and Hope’s nuptials.

Claws come out on B&B

One thing is for sure, those verbal claws will come out between Taylor and Brooke and Steffy won’t be able to stop this. Spoilers suggest that Steffy taps daddy Ridge to run interference and since he’s a big piece of their mortal enemy status, this can’t be a good thing.

Then there’s Dollar Bill who will more than likely slither his way into this wedding. He’s already started on Liam with a half-hearted attempt to be a better dad to him. Is Liam ready to give him the benefit of the doubt and offer up an invitation to Dollar? The recipe for disaster that Brooke spoke about would include a few more souring ingredients with Bill, Steffy, and Taylor all under one roof watching Liam marry Hope.

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