‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Zoe Hears Baby Cry At Reese’s Place?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) uses her investigative skills on Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady). She wants to check out why her dad is acting so suspicious lately. So when he tells Zoe not to stop by when she calls and asks to see him, she wonders what’s up.

This adds to Zoe’s growing concern about her father. She first thought Reese’s strange behavior lately had to do with the death of Hope Logan’s (Annika Noelle) baby. Soon, she’s not so sure and needs to get answers to ease her mind.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Zoe Buckingham Concerned

Zoe Buckingham became uneasy from the first time she laid eyes on her father on this side of the pond. The new Forrester Creations model didn’t expect to see her father in the US, nevermind in LA where she’s living and working. The last she knew he was in London.

Now with Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) back in her life, she confided in him her concerns about her father. While he doesn’t know the whole scoop, he knows enough to realize Reese’s presence in town unsettles Zoe. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Xander plays a big part in her life once her father’s past catches up with him.

B&B Spoilers – Reese Buckingham Lures Taylor Hayes

Apparently, Zoe is not aware of the scope of her father’s escapades. She knows he attached himself to rich women and she fears that’s the nature of his relationship with Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo). It appears Zoe isn’t that far off base. Soon, Reese Buckingham pounces again.

This time it’s with a baby adoption scheme that should set Taylor back about $200,000. This is enough to pay for Reese’s gambling debts. He’s in a hurry now that the thugs threatened his daughter’s life if he doesn’t pay soon. On Monday’s Bold and the Beautiful, Reese Buckingham asked Taylor to talk to her daughter about adopting a baby.

The baby’s “mom” Flo (Katrine Bowden) was there to back up Reese’s lie about why he’s got a baby up for adoption at his house. Then he asked Taylor to leave his name out of it when she talks to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). That’s one red flag that Taylor seems to miss.

Zoe Supports Her Dad on B&B

This week Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Zoe Buckingham sees her father looking tense and so she worries. He’s also keeping her at arm’s length for no reason, or so she thinks. After Reese went through a harrowing delivery with Hope, she not only wants to support her dad, but she also defends him as well.

Zoe continues to say he’s a good doctor as people question what went wrong in the delivery room with Hope. Zoe Buckingham knows about her father’s past. But she wouldn’t suspect him of doing something like kidnapping a baby. Her concerns center on her father’s welfare. Then when he won’t see her, concern turns to suspicion.

Zoe Wants Answers About Her Dad on Bold and the Beautiful

Zoe Buckingham demonstrated her investigation skills in the past. Starting with finding Xander in the US when he left the UK to get away from her. Then she stalked Xander’s new girlfriend Emma Barber (Nia Sioux). It was Zoe’s stalking that put her in the right place at the right time to get the gig as an FC model.

Her suspicions may prompt her to lurk around Reese Buckingham’s apartment. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Zoe may be lurking at her dad’s home uninvited. If she does, she may hear a crying baby inside his apartment. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate it’s only a matter of time before Reese’s plot is discovered.

This puts Zoe in a world of pain and shame even though Reese Buckingham’s dirty deed was done only to protect Zoe Buckingham. Will she be the one to find out he’s got stolen Baby Beth at his apartment – – or will Reese get away with the baby swap plot for a while longer? Watch B&B weekdays on CBS to find out.

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