‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Week of Feb 25: Liam-Steffy-Hope Triangle Bizarre Shift

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for this week of February 25 reveal Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) does her best to form a family of four – without her. She wants Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) together under one roof raising the two babies.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Next Week: Hope Logan on a Mission

It looks like Hope Logan has a new life goal. Everyone around her worries her fragile state has her losing it. But Bold and the Beautiful fans know it’s Hope’s maternal instinct kicking in for Phoebe Forrester (Rosalind Aune and Isabella de Armas). But those around Hope Logan have no idea and neither does the grieving mom. She’s just overwhelmed with these feelings.

B&B Spoilers Monday, February 25: Steffy Forrester Worries About

It’s no secret that Steffy Forrester longs for a family with Liam Spencer. Under different circumstances, being with Liam Spencer and babies Kelly and Phoebe would be as perfect as life could get. But that’s not something Steffy Forrester would do today even though Hope Logan pushes for this to happen.

It doesn’t look like Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have Steffy Forrester taking advantage of Hope’s actions during her time of despair. Liam Spencer is also worried and pushes back on his wife’s strange plan for his future with his ex-wife and baby mama.

The Depth of Despair and New Beginnings for Steffy Forrester and Hope

On Monday’s Bold and the Beautiful both Steffy and Liam realize the depths of Hope’s despair. When her suggestions become almost dire that Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer reunite, the concern over Hope’s state of mind reaches new heights.

Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) feels like the big man on the B&B campus next week. His negotiations with his father paved the way for Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) to revive Spectra Fashions.

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) making things right with Sally proves to Wyatt his dad walks the talk of a changed man. After wiping Spectra off the face of the Earth, this move of restitution puts Bill in a new light for Wyatt.

Tuesday, February 26: Liam Spencer and ex Steffy Forrester Shocked Over Hope’s Grand Gesture

It looks like Wyatt is feeling great after his negotiation tactics with his dad. On Tuesday’s episode, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers put Sally and Wyatt in rare form.

Basking in the glory of their future at Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Sally role-play their future negotiations with Bill. B&B spoilers suggest their happiness turns into a tender moment between the two newest Spencer employees.

Hope Logan is riddled with guilt over keeping Liam Spencer from his family with Steffy Forrester. When the grieving mom makes a grand gesture, Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester are shocked.

Wednesday, February 27: Everyone Else Sees It – But Not Katie Logan

Those around her see it, even Bold and the Beautiful fans see it but Katie Logan (Heather Tom) continues to deny it. She’s smitten with Bill once again. On Wednesday’s episode, Bill makes his intentions known to Katie.

B&B spoilers suggest her ex-husband is putting his family first. It looks like Katie finally realizes just how much she’s affected by Bill’s reformed ways.

Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) get the news of Wyatt and Sally’s career plans with Bill Spencer. While Eric is the voice of reason, how will Quinn react knowing her son is under the wing of Bill Spencer once again?

Thursday, February 28: Zoe Buckingham Calls Out Florence Fulton at Bikini Bar

Florence Fulton (Katrina Bowden) doesn’t head back to Vegas as she once planned. Instead, she lands a job at the bikini bar, which is a place Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) frequents.

It doesn’t take long before Zoe spots Flo working her new gig. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s episode have Zoe calling Flo out while she’s at work.

After their celebration next week, Wyatt and Sally find they didn’t just skate into Spencer Publications. It seems Bill throws the couple a curve-ball when it comes to Spectra Fashions.

B&B Spoilers Friday, March 1: Another Pang of Guilt Hits Florence

Florence feels guilty over her part in the Hope Logan baby switch. But keeping herself out of trouble trumps her need to let Hope Logan know her baby is alive. On Friday’s Bold and the Beautiful, Flo overhears Hope Logan talking to her Aunt Katie. What she hears sends her guilt reeling to new heights.

Liam Spencer turns to his brother Wyatt, who sees his brother is desperate over the situation with Hope. Liam doesn’t know what to do as his wife believes he now belongs with Steffy Forrester and her daughters.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Next Week: Liam Not Giving Up

Liam Spencer, who once was known to Bold and the Beautiful viewers as the “waffling” Liam, is not waffling these days. His mind is set on bringing Hope Logan back from her bizarre thoughts on him belonging with Steffy Forrester and the girls.

Steffy Forrester is on track with Liam, who both want nothing more than for Hope to come to her senses. Despite Steffy still loving Liam, it doesn’t look like she’ll take advantage of Hope’s generous offer of handing over her husband.

B&B Pangs of Guilt…

Spoilers indicate Florence can’t get over her guilt-ridden feelings. So when she meets Hope Logan face to face, it looks like Hope might find out the truth. But… Zoe interrupts that crucial moment between the two.

In a bizarre turn of events, the Steffy-Hope-Liam love triangle works backward. Instead of both women vying for Liam, they each insist the other one gets him. Watch the week of February 25 to see what happens on B&B.

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