‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers Next Two Weeks: Bill Sets Trap, Ridge Begs, Steffy Shines, Brooke Torn

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the next two weeks spotlight the demise of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) as a “changed-guy” and display Steffy Forrester ((Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) riding high on success. Guilt-ridden Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) struggles with her allegiance between two men. That is until secrets emerge that may leave Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) at the mercy of Bill Spencer.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday, November 5

It looks like Justin Barber (Aaron D Spears) uncovers information about Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando). This leaves Bill Spencer putting two and two together and coming up with the sum of Ridge Forrester next week on brand new B&B episodes.

Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) sees a bit of competition emerging when she overhears Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) talking together. They are taking a trip down memory lane over a bottle of Honey Bear.

B&B Spoilers Tuesday, November 6 – Bill Spencer & Brooke Logan

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Bill Spencer takes the information that Justin uncovers and runs with it. His first stop is Brooke and he grills her over the possibility of foul play in the custody case.

Brooke is struggling with guilt over knowing what Ridge did to sway the judge’s ruling in Katie’s favor. She’s managed not to spill the beans about the custody case to Bill so far but it’s getting harder to do.

If it is the drama you want, then it’s drama you will get when Quinn confronts Donna over the attention she’s paying to Eric. This is the start of a battle that has some conniving twists and turns.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, November 7

B&B spoilers say Brooke Logan is torn between two men. She struggles as the week goes on about where her loyalty stands. On Wednesday she’s having an especially tough time deciding. Should she be honest with Bill or remain true to her husband by keeping his secret?

Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) is boiling over with jealousy this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Xander Avant (Adain Bradley) and Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) are together on the catwalk at Forrester Creations. The flirting between the two is pushing Emma over the edge.

B&B Spoilers for Thursday, November 8 – Ridge Forrester

Then Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Ridge is at his wit’s end with Bill Spencer, suggests Soap Central. As Ridge gets even more desperate, he pleads with Brooke Logan to stay away from his arch-enemy.

It is like a family day on Bold this Thursday as Xander’s relatives show up. Obba Babatunde reprises his role as Julius Avant, Xander’s uncle. Anna Maria Horsford also reprises her previous role as Vivienne Avant, Xander’s aunt.

According to the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, they’re presumingly at Forrester Creations to support Xander in his new modeling endeavor.

Steffy Forrester turns heads dressed in the show stopper as the first Intimates fashion show kicks off. Then there’s Todd McKee, who returns to Bold as Jake Maclaine. The spoilers have Jake lending a crucial hand behind the scenes of the fashion show.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for Friday, November 9

Xander asks Emma to take a step forward in their relationship and she does take that leap. Danny Woodburn is back as Ken the IT guy and he’s doing some work for Bill Spencer.

Bill is digging up some information to bring Ridge down and Ken is the guy to do it. There’s most likely a cliffhanger involved here as Ken is back on Bold the following Monday, November 13.

Beyond Next Week on the CBS Soap

Bill Spencer gets closer to Ridge’s secret with the help of Ken the IT guy. Once Justin uncovers the financial ties between Ridge Forrester and Judge McMullin’s education, Bill has more questions for Brooke.

Another grilling for Brooke Logan leaves her even more on edge. Bill is insisting there’s some type of foul play with Ridge and the custody case. But Brooke won’t give in, yet anyway. For the time being, she still remains loyal to Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bill Spencer and Brooke Logan romance promised in the spoilers now for weeks is still at bay. Will Brooke finally have enough of Ridge’s behaviors and run to the “changed Bill Spencer?”

B&B  Spoilers – Steffy Forrester

Steffy Forrester turned down one invite from Leo, (Sam Myerson) who is one of the big buyers of Forrester Creations lines. Spoilers put Steffy Forrester on the cusp of romance and while she told Leo she’s just not ready, could there be someone else? Or is Steffy Forrester and her rocketing success enough for the new mom right now?

Remember Bill Spencer, the changed man, who came out of a coma? This routine lasts only as long as Ridge’s secret is safe. Once Bill finds out that Ridge Forrester swayed the judge in Will Spencer’s (Finnegan George) custody case, that nice guy flies out the window. Furthermore, the ruthless Bill Spencer surfaces once again with Ridge Forrester in his scope.

Bill Spencer, with the help of Justin, set a trap for Ridge and his buddy, Judge McMullin. Despite Ridge’s pleading, Brooke continues to meet secretly with Bill out of guilt say other new Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Quinn, Donna, and Pam – B&B Drama Ahead

Quinn’s crazy mode kicks in as she worries about Donna and Eric rekindling their romance. According to the spoilers, things get “scary” in the coming weeks. It looks like Pam gets the revenge she wanted when Donna presence at FC ruffles Donna’s feathers.

Pam recruits Donna to take down Quinn and they start out by planting Donna in Eric’s daily path. Donna gets the job after Pam gets Eric to agree to bring her on as a co-receptionist. This causes Quinn to really pick up her game as she’s trying to hold on to her marriage.

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