‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Torments Hope – Liam Clueless On a Fix

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers’ Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) are back at it. While the court battle takes center stage these days, the last time we saw the stepsisters, they were at each other’s throats. Steffy Forrester looks like she’s sitting on her high horse at Forrester Creations next week. This results in Hope Logan watching defenselessly as her career circles the drain. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has no clue what’s going on or how to stop the implosion of his blended family.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – B&B’s Steffy Forrester Continues to Taunt Hope Logan

So far, Liam Spencer is oblivious to Steffy Forrester tormenting Hope at Forrester Creations. With that said, when Liam sees a change in Hope in future episodes, he wants to know why she’s so despondent.

Next week Hope Logan tells Liam Spencer about Steffy’s latest ploy and it doesn’t sink in just how hard this is for Hope. That is until he sees this for himself when he walks in just as his wife is at the mercy of Steffy at FC. This happens just in time to for him to witness Steffy poke Hope with a verbal stick.

Short-Lived Truce – Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan have a moment of unison when it comes to the custody case. They are both worried over Liam and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). They are concerned over what this court case will do to the two brothers. With the two holding subpoenas for opposite sides, Steffy and Hope fear for their relationship as brothers.

While this minor up and coming cliffhanger might look as if the stepsisters recoup from work-related issues, it is short-lived. According to Soap Central’s spoilers, Liam needs to make a decision regarding his love life and he has challenges coming up that he will face. This eventually takes a toll on his relationship with Steffy, who is the mother of his baby daughter. He takes Hope’s side at first but will he last on the outs with Steffy?

B&B Spoilers – Liam Spencer Stuck Between His Baby Mamas

Hope is hurt by Steffy making her position at FC less and less significant. Liam stands behind his wife, which makes his visits to Kelly very uncomfortable all around. Hope will never stop Liam from going to Steffy’s to visit Kelly. But it isn’t easy for her each time he walks out the door to do just that.

Steffy already made it clear to Hope that it is only fair that her Intimates line be the star of Forrester Creations. She considers this a trade-off for Hope marrying Liam.  Hope walked away with the man they both love and now Steff takes top billing at FC with her line of lingerie. In Steffy’s eyes, it’s her turn to rise to the top.


Bold and the Beautiful – Truth is on the Table

Steffy Forrester won’t hide her thoughts on this from Liam Spencer. She will let him know just as she let Hope know – she gave him up , so FC top spot belongs to her. In the near future, Steff also reminds Liam once again where she stands. Despite giving him up, her feelings for him never changed.

It is just a matter of time for the love triangle to emerge again. The B&B spoilers suggest Liam Spencer is going to ponder his choice after Steffy makes her declaration of love to him once again. Spoilers also point to the waffling Liam making a comeback in future episodes.

B&B Spoilers – Will Liam Spencer Surprise Them All?

The question this time around – Is Liam about to take Steffy’s openness about her feelings as a semi-invitation? It is all up to him on where this will go after Steff declares her love for him once again. If he can remain the dutiful husband to Hope, then all remains good for the husband and wife team.

If Steffy’s words of love encourage him to act, the game is on once again. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this time around it is Liam who nips it in the bud and honors his marriage vows?

This is a soap so the chances of a smooth marriage for Hope and Liam may be too much to ask. Still, there are plenty of fans rooting for Hope to live out her dream, which includes Liam as her devoted husband. All she wants is a healthy baby and Liam by her side as her husband. Will Steffy allow her to have this, or better yet will Liam make sure she does no matter what?

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