‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn’s Dark Side Emerges Over Eric and Donna?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Quinn Fuller‘s (Rena Sofer) dark side is about to emerge once again when she feels threatened. It is just a matter of time before Quinn’s rather quiet life with Eric Forrester (John McCook) gets rattled. A hint of things to come suddenly made a crash landing into the show this week when Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) walked into the Forrester Mansion.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Donna Logan Back in Town

While Donna returned to town for Katie’s wedding, it looks like she’s on the soap to stay. Jennifer Gareis is back on contract with Bold, according to Soap Central. This means Donna Logan needs a story plot. With that said, it looks like the writers planted a seed this week offering a hint as to the path paved for Donna Logan.

It looks Donna Logan heads in the direction that’s perfect for bringing out the dark side of Quinn Fuller once again. When Donna was at the Forrester Mansion for the wedding, visions of her own nuptials came flooding back for this Logan sister. As she pictures her own vows with Eric Forrester in front of that fireplace, she’s interrupted by the man himself.

B&B Veteran Characters Take Center Stage

With Donna in town, it’s time for some intrigue, romance, and heartbreak among the B&B veteran characters. With that said, maybe the fans get a touch of the soap’s old fashion craziness tossed into the plot. The older generation fell into a rather mundane existence in recent months on the soap. While the Steffy-Hope-Liam love triangle was front and center, the veteran characters were basically put in storage for later use.

It looks like that storage bin is about to open and a shakeup is in store. Quinn, who is the epitome of a fine lady today, wasn’t always on the straight and narrow. She’s caused more problems for the Forrester family in the past than you can shake a stick at. It looks as if Donna may have an eye on Eric again, leaving Quinn fighting for her marriage.

Quinn Fuller Pushed Into a Corner Brings Out Her Dark Side?

While Quinn Fuller might confront Donna Logan to her face, it is her infamous behind the scenes antics that are more likely to emerge. Most of the main characters have fallen victim to her past ploys. With Donna back, it looks like a spark ignites in Eric as those Forrester men have a soft spot for the Logan ladies. There’s plenty of room here for play if Eric does take up with Donna again.

A few scenes recently put Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Quinn Fuller enjoying each other’s company at work. Ridge is in line for a marriage demise with Brooke. It’s been slowly coming with the fights over their daughters. But once he discovers she’s acting as a free agent on Bill’s behalf in the custody case, that’s probably the point of no return for Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Time for Musical Beds?

Will partners switch? If so what does that look like? Probably something like Brooke moving over to Bill. Don’t forget that kiss emerged for a reason. It certainly did show Bill’s intent. This leaves Ridge in line for Quinn in the aftermath of Eric Forrester going on his merry way with Donna.

While the partner switch might be the end game, getting there is where you’ll find the entertainment value. Quinn Fuller isn’t going to hand Eric Forrester over to Donna without a fight. The climate is just ripe for Quinn to spin some bizarre ploy trying to stop them. Ridge is not going to let Brooke off the hook once he finds out she’s been batting for Bill’s team.

Eric Forrester Still Has a Lot of Steam in that Old Engine

Eric might be getting old, but there’s still some steam left in that engine. The patriarch of the Forrester family may use that steam for his fling with Donna and then later on while fighting Quinn who puts roadblocks in his way. The floodgates open with Donna Logan back in town. It is time for the veteran characters to have their trial and tribulations now that the fall is here.

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