‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Without Eric – How Scary Will She Get?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Quinn Fuller‘s (Rena Sofer) dumped soon as Eric Forrester (John McCook) can’t forget or forgive what she did to his son. But, without Eric acting as her moral compass, there’s no telling what she might do next. Here are three acts of mischief we suspect she’d pursue on the CBS soap.

#1 Quinn Fuller Still Wants Brooke to Pay on Bold and the Beautiful

Spoilers hint that Quinn Fuller losing Eric Forrester could have her double down on wanting revenge on Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang). Of course, in their last confrontation, Brooke played innocent and acted Eric’s wife came after her out of nowhere. But it wasn’t true.

Remember, many months ago, on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke Logan threatened Quinn’s marriage. Back then, before all this other stuff began, Brooke trashed Quinn and told Eric to dump his wife. If you recall, that’s when Quinn Fuller began scheming to give Brooke’s hubby to her BFF.

No doubt, Quinn Fuller was in the wrong, but Brooke goaded her at every turn. So now, when Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate Quinn’s got nothing else to lose, she might decide to do something even worse to Brooke than she’s already done on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful: Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) - Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) - Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)

#2 She Might Also Take Aim at Shauna Fulton – B&B Spoilers

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Quinn could also go after Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards). For years, those two were BFFs. But, Shauna helped ruin Quinn Fuller’s marriage to Eric. It was her constant blabbing the dark shared secret that outed them. Over and over, Quinn hushed her.

Yet anytime they were on the phone on Bold and the Beautiful, Shauna recapped it so that anyone nearby could hear. Worse yet, she called to confirm it to Ridge and threw Quinn Fuller under the bus. So, she might decide to get revenge on Shauna for her role in ruining her marriage.

If so, then Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tell us Shauna could be in real trouble. She’s a low-level schemer while Quinn’s truly dangerous. And if she aims at her ex-BFF, it could send Shauna running to someone for help – maybe right into the arms of Eric on the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)

#3 Quinn Goes After Anyone who Pursues Eric – Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

In addition to her old grudge against Brooke and a new one against Shauna – Quinn Fuller might circle Eric like a guard dog. We’d expect her to take the position that if she can’t have Eric, no one can. Already, Donna Logan’s (Jennifer Gareis) made clear she’d like to warm his bed.

So, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint if Donna, Shauna, Katie Logan (Heather Tom), or anyone else gets close to Eric, they might find themselves shoved off a cliff. Truly, Quinn reformed herself while married to Eric. It’s been a while since she kidnapped someone or attempted murder.

However, if Eric yanks her portrait off his mantle on Bold and the Beautiful, all bets are off at that point. That’s the moment that Quinn’s dreams are crushed, and she’s got no reason to play nice. So, Quinn Fuller without Eric holding her back is a terrifying notion on B&B, isn’t it?

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