‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Puts Marriage At Risk Helping Felony Fultons

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) needs to check herself before she wrecks her life trying to help Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) and her daughter. In fact, Quinn interfering with Wyatt Spencer‘s (Darin Brooks) love life could trash her own.

Once again, Quinn’s meddling when she needs to back off. It seems she never learns. Check out what happens when Eric Forrester (John McCook) finds out she’s taking the felonious Futon’s side when it comes to Wyatt. This could get messy on B&B on CBS weekdays.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn Fuller Can’t Stop Meddling – Shauna Fulton Pushes Pal

B&B spoilers say Quinn Fuller goes off later this week as she soaks up the fact that Wyatt proposed to Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). When she heard he popped the question, she assumed (wrongly) that he asked Flo Fulton (Katrina Bowden) to marry him. That would thrill her and Shauna Fulton both.

Quinn’s stunned to hear her son plans to marry the red-headed designer she dislikes so much. It’s also bizarre that Quinn Fuller too an instant dislike to Sally since they’re alike in so many ways. They’re both self-made women that fight for what they want, yet Quinn never liked Sally.

The bottom line is Quinn schemed with Shauna Fulton and decided their kids should still be together even after Flo’s recent crimes. Wyatt just wants his mother to respect his choices in his love life. But, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers history shows Quinn Fuller always gets in the way.

B&B Spoilers: Eric Forrester Wants Quinn to Cut Ties With Vegas BFF

This week, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers had Eric pushing back when Quinn Fuller defended Shauna Fulton and her kid. Quinn told her hubby that both Flo and her mom Shauna feel bad about lying. But Eric wasn’t having the excuses. He reminds her their lies destroyed lies and was firm about it,

Then, when Quinn Fuller told her husband that Wyatt might still wind up with Flo, he was more irritated. Her husband’s not interested in forgiveness for Shauna Fulton or her offspring. So, if Quinn Fuller keeps pushing, she could alienate her husband and put her fabulous new life at risk, tease B&B spoilers.

Of course, Eric overlooked a lot when he married Quinn Fuller – and it took them a long time to get the family to embrace his wife. So, he’s got no interest in the Fulton women casting any negative light on his wife or cause more problems. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say she keeps going anyway…

Bold and the Beautiful: She Never Learns – Quinn Meddling Could Cost Her Everything

If you recall B&B spoilers history, Quinn Fuller’s meddling has gone to insane lengths. She pushed a woman in a river to get her son into a marriage she wanted. And her inability to respect Wyatt’s wishes led to a miscarriage of his unborn child at one point. So, this never works out for her.

But did she learn her lesson? Of course not. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say she just can’t stop herself from interfering. But he made it clear that he wants to marry Sally and that he’s moving past Flo. But you can bet Shauna Fulton and her Vegas buddy Quinn won’t stop their scheming anytime soon.

If she doesn’t wake up and back off, Quinn Fuller could wind up like Shauna Fulton – single, broke, and desperate for a better life. Will she throw away what she has trying to help the felon Fultons? Wait to see what comes soon on the CBS sudser.

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