‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Is Katie Crazy To Take Dollar Bill Back?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Katie Logan (Heather Tom) considers taking her ex Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) back. Matchmakers keep setting the duo up, and the time she spent with Bill let her see how much he’s changed for the better. He reminds her of the man she first fell for all those years ago. However, maybe she’s crazy to take Dollar Bill back after all he has done to her on the CBS soap in the past.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Logan and Bill Spencer Reconnect

It’s no secret that Bill Spencer and Katie Logan are reconnecting on B&B. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers showed that even before their friends and family began playing around as their secret matchmakers, there was something between them. Katie’s ex-husband Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) even noticed it. As they spend more time together, the two remember how easy and fun hanging out with each other once was.

Before all the fights and drama, of course. And before the very bitter and dramatic child custody case that dragged out on Bold and the Beautiful. Now, Bill continues to say that he has changed — and Katie is beginning to see that. In fact, she likes this new Bill. She trusts him with their son, and may even trust him with her heart soon if things keep going this way.

B&B Spoilers: Bill’s Horrible History

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate while Katie trusts him now, she might reconsider as she thinks back on all the horrible things he did to her when they were together. And Bill Spencer’s done some messed up things on Bold and the Beautiful. From cheating in his secret sex room at the office to being a horrid husband and neglectful father, Bill checked all the boxes.

The on and off again flirtation with Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) went on for years. In fact, it gave Katie had a heart attack when she found out. Plus, there are all those moments he confessed his love for Katie’s sister Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Logan), including the many times he cheated on Katie with Brooke.

It’s not just the affairs that created turmoil between him and Katie. Remember back on B&B when Bill once locked Katie in a tower to keep her from spilling all the lies he told? Yet, no matter what Bill did, Katie kept on taking him back, for some insane reason. Maybe she’s addicted to the undeniable attraction with Dollar Bill.

B&B: Katie May Take Bill Back

Bill Spencer has done terrible things to Katie Logan in the past. But it appears she’s ready to move forward with him again on Bold and the Beautiful. She has forgiven him for tons of sins in the past. Even when he cheated, she stayed with him. He even drove her to the brink of alcoholism, but she’s hanging out with him.

Now, they both have matured quite a bit. Plus, they have their son Will Spencer (Finnegan George) to consider. They both want to be the best parents possible and may think being together is best for the kid. B&B history shows that Katie always takes him back. It seems like she’ll even take him back again.

But given their turbulent past, if Katie Logan takes Bill Spencer back, she might be setting herself up for future heartache.

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