‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Florence Blackmails Reese Over Baby

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Florence (Katrina Bowden) may blackmail Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady) for stealing a baby. Reese stole Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Liam Spencer’s (Scott Clifton) child after telling them that their daughter passed away during childbirth. Could Flo be the person to ruin Reese’s plan?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Reese Buckingham Blackmailed by Florence?

Flo is slowly getting suspicious of what Reese is up to on Bold and the Beautiful. He keeps on changing the subject when she asks any questions and he won’t admit that he’s in a bit of trouble, even though she very clearly sees that he is. Plus, she doesn’t like that his story on how he came about having a baby is pretty vague.

In the coming week, Florence finally tells Reese she wants the whole truth. However, he may not tell her the whole truth. While Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed that Florence becomes involved with Reese’s plan to protect his daughter, there’s no telling just how much she knows.

When Flo learns the truth about what Reese has done, she’s not going to be happy as he wrapped her up in a criminal scheme. As she knows how to play people too, she may decide to blackmail Dr. Buckingham. At the very least, she needs some more money if she’s going to continue to go along with his criminal plan.

B&B Spoilers: Florence Becomes Overwhelmed

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming weeks reveal that Flo becomes overwhelmed. After learning more about what Reese has in plan for the baby that he stole, Florence may not be able to deal with it. As she becomes overwhelmed by the whole situation, there could be dire consequences.

If Florence spills to anyone, Reese’s whole plan goes up in flames. However, B&B spoiler pictures released have shown Reese with a stack of money. It looks like he successfully gets Steffy to adopt the baby, finally resulting in him having the money to pay off those thugs who are after him.

However, when Flo becomes overwhelmed, she could decide to change the whole game. She’s now involved in a crime, too. Could this be when she decides to blackmail Reese, or at least ask for a little bit more money?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Adopts Hope’s Baby

If things go according to Reese’s plan, Steffy will end up adopting Hope and Liam’s daughter Beth. Of course, she’ll have no idea her new daughter is really theirs. But just how long will this truth stay a secret?

Florence may learn the truth soon because she’s so involved with the scheme, to begin with. She could then decide to spill on The Bold and the Beautiful. If Reese doesn’t give her what she wants, she could tell Steffy or anyone else. Once he tells Flo, she holds all the cards.

Of course, if Reese offers her enough money, she could decide to stick by his side. After all, the two have a long history together. She’s already going with the flow like she said she would. But for just how long will Reese be able to rely on Flo without her wanting a little something more in return?

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