‘Bold And the Beautiful’: Zoe’s Cat Harry Murdered – Emma Framed by New Model Bailey for Cat’s Death?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Harry the cat’s death was no accident. Is B&B about to have a Harry whodunit?  The most recent episode already had Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) snuggling up to Alexander “Xander” Avant (Adain Bradley) while grieving the loss cat Harry. If it turns out cat Harry was the victim of feline foul play, it opens up another opportunity for Zoe to steal Emma Barnes’ (Nia Sioux) man. Was Emma Framed by the new model, Bailey?

Harry the Cat is Dead on Bold and the Beautiful

B&B spoilers showed that when Zoe Buckingham found “old Harry” unresponsive. It appeared a sad theme was about to follow and it did. Cat Harry may have died of natural causes since he was an older kitty. But there is some feline forensic evidence that points to a possible cat killer on the loose in LA.

Zoe proved to be a devious stalker, but in this case, from what viewers saw, she is innocent. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers saw she was devastated when she found her cat Harry unresponsive and took him to the animal hospital with Xander. Right before Zoe found the cat, she was at Forrester Creations and an important name was dropped- Bailey, the model.

Who is Bailey the model on Bold and the Beautiful?

If that name tickles your brain, it’s because she was the model scheduled to wear the showstopper at the Hope for the Future fashion show. Emma Barnes was so unhinged with jealousy that she ran into Bailey, injuring her, and she couldn’t walk the runway. That opened the door for Zoe Buckingham. She just happened to be there stalking Xander and lucked into being the star of the show.

From there, on Bold and the Beautiful, Zoe Buckingham got a prime offer to be part of the team of models for Steffy Forrester’s (Jacquline MacInnes Wood) new lingerie line. That’s an opportunity that should have been Bailey’s if not for Emma Barnes knocking her out of the show. It would be easy for Bailey to blame Zoe for taking what should have been her golden opportunity. Did Bailey the model target Zoe’s cat Harry to punish her?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers remind that at the lingerie line meeting, the models all mentioned Bailey. The model Bailey was replaced by Zoe at the show. It seems very likely that they dredged that fact up and dropped the name to give a hint at the coming plot twist. She’s a model scorned that might be coming to ruin Zoe’s life but the blame is cast on Emma instead.

Emma Barnes Seems Unhinged

While there are no Bold and the Beautiful spoilers yet on Harry’s death being suspicious if it turns out the kitty was killed, who did it? Emma seems unhinged with jealousy lately. She made it her business to question Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) on Zoe’s hire. Then she made a scene protesting Zoe’s new gig in front of a group at FC.

Then on Wednesday’s Bold and the Beautiful, Emma upped the ante by walking into an executive meeting and ranting about her troubled love life and Zoe’s interference. What intern goes into a boss and questions his decision on a new hire? Or at least what intern could expect to keep their job after such a move? Why would any company care that an intern’s love life may suffer from a new hire?

With that said, Emma made a move way above her pay grade by confronting Thorne and then the rest of the FC execs. This happened after Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) told her Xander left when Zoe called. It was the call about the cat on v. While Emma looks like she’s crazed with jealousy, she was at work and didn’t have time to whack the cat.

Harry the Cat and the Bed Pillows on Bold and the Beautiful

One final piece of Bold and the Beautiful spoilers evidence to consider is the arrangement of the bed pillows. Remember when Zoe was looking for Harry? She found him under neatly arranged pillows. There wasn’t one out of place. Unless Harry mastered seamless burrowing, there is no way the cat should have been under the pillows that way.

It looks more like the cat was hidden under the pillows so that when Zoe moved the throw pillows to go to bed, she’d find a kitty corpse. This plot is definitely twisted and given B&B history of jumping to conclusions and making accusations, Emma will be blamed. Of course, her uncle is a schemer too. Despite that, it seems quite unlikely that the CBS soap will have the former Dance Moms star playing a cat killer.

Whatever is going on with Harry will surely make Emma a target of blame, but Emma is the unlikely culprit. It seems more likely if B&B spoilers reveal that poor fluffy Harry was murdered that it was jealous model Bailey. We’ll see how the fur flies in upcoming episodes of the CBS soap.

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